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  • Well, i never been with someone who killed people in the past... but i'm little bit curious do you know why and how he killed them?
  • I would stay away from him.
  • your not the only one i recently found out the same thing about my boyfriend i dont know what to do either its like he has told me yet some how i just cant beleive he could do that its really hard
  • i think all you can do is really talk things through with him, ask any questions you need to and have him answer them honestly. you don;t want to have any questions in the back of your mind if you are going to stick with him because they will always bother you. I have never been in your situation, but I think if I suddenly found this out about my husband my reaction would depend on how and why he had committed these crimes. But if you feel for even one second he is still that person and could be damgerous you should leave. But if you really love him I hope he has truly changed and you can live a happy life together. Good luck, I hope things work out for you
  • As a soldier or a murderer? Soldier = Comfort him and reassure him he had to do what he had to do. Murderer = Call the cops and have the selfish pig thrown in jail for good. Garbage like that does not belong in public
  • if he's in the army, help him though it, my husband and i are in the army, he may have told you to get it off his chest some to talk to , if it was murder then get the fuck away from him
  • Killed a couple of people??? Get away from him, he's a dangerous criminal!!!
  • If he has "paid" for his "crimes" in an official sence then there is no reason you cannot be with him if you feel like it - if he hasn't, then he's not the sort of person to be around untill he does. Society needs to "Process" him for this event, untill he has been givin the official stamp of approval he would not be good company for you to be with.
  • I have been in your SAME situation. Someone trusts you enough to tell you something & they are TRULY depressed and sickened/guilty on their own counts.and they breakdown and cry. But you just don't know what to do. That person you loved so now look @ differently...and you KNOW deep down that they are a good person. What drugs will do to someone..and a group of people. People literally aren't themselves on drugs. It's HEARTBREAKING. I would tell you to talk to him as much as you can about it. Do you feel he could ever do something awful to you?
  • If he wasnt a soldier or a copper...get in your car and drive
  • 1.Thank him for being honest with you. 2.Decide if this is a deal-breaker for you, or not. 3.If it IS a deal-breaker; don't hesitate in leaving. This isn't "going away" with time. I would ask: How long have you known him? (Depending on how serious you are)Why didn't he feel comfortable telling you this before? Do you feel this information is true, or could he be telling you this in trying to get you to break up with him to spare him from being the bad guy?
  • That's a difficult situation, and difficult to answer. So I'm going to say first of all that there is no "good" way of dealing with this. You say he "killed a couple people?" You mean he murdered them. And you haven't said whether it was on the same occasion or in two seperate ones. Here are your options, and some possible consequences (as I see them). BUT, no matter what you decide to do, I advise you to go and seek some counselling. 1) You can decide that it doesn't matter enough to leave him or report him. He might be genuinely regretful, he might not. At least he was honest (I guess). You have no 100% gurantee that he won't do it again (say he relapses, gets back into the drugs, etc), but you'd just have to trust him. There is no excuse for what he did, but there is always room for a person to change and be forgiven. Are you willing to take that kind of a chance? Do you trust that he won't relapse EVER? How much does this information bother you? It's a big risk, and honestly, I don't think that there's a very good chance of this working out well for various reasons. 2) You can just leave him, plain and simple. This gets tricky though - would you be afraid of him flying off the handle and killing you or something like that (it does happen)? Has he ever been abusive towards you (a red flag for someone flying off the handle)? 3) You can report him. He might consider it a betrayal, but you have to keep in mind that he did commit murder - more than once. 4) You can try to convince him to turn himself in. It's all icky business. Be careful and good luck.
  • You have information about an unsolved crime. I'm suspecting you are not familiar with "accessory after the fact" meaning that if you know he committed murder and do not notify the authorities, you can and will be charged when he is caught. Not IF he is caught, but WHEN he is caught. Because people like your boyfriend DO get caught, and the biggest reason they get caught, is because they cannot keep their mouth shut. If he told you, chances are pretty damn good he has told or will tell someone else. My best advice is to save yourself. This asshat is not worth going to jail for. Notify a trusted friend or call an attorney through Legal Aid if you have no funds to pay for one. Or if those are not options for you, call Crimestoppers. You might even get a reward out of it. You might feel heart stricken now, but it's nothing compared to what you will feel when you are sitting behind bars.
  • Ok wait a minute, I had to re-read this one to make sure I read it killed a couple of people dEAd?? Im sorry, I know people make mistakes, but kill a couple of people!! Come advice would be, run & dont look back. I know you're heart-stricken, but dont waste it on someone who obviously has no heart!!
  • get a new boyfriend. or call the police.

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