• Any of them that behave as you describe would seem to have a forlorn hope.
  • This may very well never change! With the exception of marrying a virgin, this has changed a bit. From none, to very few! As for myself, I don't ask, how many, and wouldn't discuss my past loves.
  • Yeah, we're dogs. Never have slept around much. I have turned down sex plenty of times. Sex sucks. I prefer to make love. If love and trust isn't there I don't want it.
  • Absolutely not. A long time ago when I was a young man I did not feel that way and neither did any of my friends. There has been a resurgence of puritanism in this country during the past twenty years and we are the worse for it.
  • No one who I know feels that way.
  • If they do my three daughters (16, 19, 22) are out of luck.
  • What man expects to find a virgin nowadays--and more important: is it important? I don't think so. I want a woman who isn't afraid to live.
  • >>...there are women who want men only for sex. . I'm always happy to meet such women. Just call me open-minded. :) Or just call me! :)
  • I think it depends on where you're from and the culture where you live. I live in a small town in a sort of old fashioned area. I think some men here do want to have their fun, but tend to call women "sluts" if they do the same. It's just about the attitudes and beliefs in your area. There are a lot of men out there, though, that have moved past the sort of double standard and don't judge women for having their fun too. I wouldn't label all men as thinking they can have their fun, but women can't. It just depends on where you live.
  • Having traveled a bit, I can tell you that very few men feel this way. Of course there are men who feel that way, and even women who feel that way, but like before. Times have really really changed.
  • Not all men think like that. I know I don't. In this day and age where women are having casual sex in record numbers, I would actually be blown away to meet a woman who was a virgin. But I also don't think it's right for a woman to have casual sex with all the assholes and jerks, but then damn near turn into a nun once she meets a guy she cares about. Women seem to have this belief that withholding sex or not having as much sex with a guy she cares about is somehow a compliment to the guy. It's NOT!
  • There are a lot of men who don't expect their wives to be a virgin when they get married. As for the men who do and are 'hypocrites', who cares about them? Doesn't that make the selection so much easier since you can 'eliminate' them?
  • Welcome to the 1800's? Men do not think like that anymore. Stop watching FOX or stop going church. LOL
  • I think most men do want to marry a virgin and be "the first one" for her, but I don't think most men are sleeping around either.
  • i don't think men think like that anymore...i don't think they care either. the way they sleep around so much it looks like (most) men don't even WANT to get married.
  • i think like that. I know it sucks huh. But thats what I believe is best ;)
  • Many men are immoral and jerks. They should have a mark put on their forhead warning women that they are jerks. Women are people and sex is a physical expression of an emotional and spiritual bond. As for marrying a virgin, hey... if he is a virgin and wants to marry a virgin, I think that is great. But, if he is not a virgin, why should she be held to that standard. You are right, "it don't even make sense."
  • yes you are right man only wants sex, and who know's what esle they wont.
  • too many narrow minded men thinck a women who fucks around is a whore and i man who fuck around is a sex symbole. well for me i would say the opposite power to women fuck all the men

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