• Since hit men are hired murders, hiring one is a criminal offence. Therefore, anybody who might answer this question could very well open themselves up to criminal charges as an accessory to murder.
  • Just find yourself anyone stupid enough to do anything for not enough money but willing anyway, including any crime, and there you have it - You've got yourself a hitman! Now just be ready to really pay when the job is done and in more ways than one . . .
  • An easy way to just call someone up and then get them to kill someone is by calling 911 and saying that you have a big bomb. Then give them them your name, go put a charge on your credit card, a there you have it. 1 phone call 1 body bag.
  • Start asking drug dealers about this sort of thing until you get pointed in the right direction.
  • Phone Hammy
  • Certainly not by asking any tom dick or harry! and especially not on a public online site!
  • I hope you want to hire a hitman to go kill Dr.Laura if so then I will be moe then happy to do the job for you.
  • Call 1-800-Killr4u
  • Call the police. They know who all the good ones are and what they charge. They may even hook you up with one! I've heard that sometimes they will record your meeting on video tape so that you have a really cool momento for later.
  • You know, there are people online just waiting for someone to screw up and ask something like that. Next thing you know, you got SWAT kicking down your door!!
  • I don't know the answer to your question, but you've just answered "How do I quickly and effectively attract the attention of law enforcement?"
  • Call O.J. Simpson.....
  • Very carefully
  • I hope, for your sake, that this is not a serious question. You should hope a couple of things yourself...that this question is not seen by or reported to any "watch dogs"...that said "watch dogs" do not take it seriously..and that law enforcement in your area is not having a slow day.
  • Meet me in the park, wear a false moustache, a panama hat, a kilt and carry a Barbara Cartland book. Try not to draw attention to yourself. :-)
  • You are joking.... arent you?????????
  • Thats my question too, my brother is mean.
  • Do you want to hire a really good hit man like Barry Bonds or someone from the minor leagues? Barry is the best hit man in the majors and is about the beat the record. We also call them batters. Good ,luck with building you baseball team.
  • ask yourself if you are ready to do it then do it. it aint like calling the pizza delivery people this is serious. tell me do you think you are ready to do this!
  • Call dateline NBC, they know a few. ;o)
  • well u may aswell just sign ure life away straight to the cells in prison
  • ask a really broke guy who is desperate for money
  • If you want to Hire a HitMan you can phone me 07743787121
  • Just send an SMS with the name of the victim to 5555KILL. No questions asqued, money-back guarantee. The most sophisticated killing techniques and state of art weapons. And if you call now, we'll send you a Free bottle of Magic Lube, ideal for shower time when you go to prision, it'll save you a lot of pain and you may even end up enjoying it (see Testimonials). This would cost you up to $599 USD in a store, but here you'll get it all at an increadibly low price

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