• There are a number of different ways to make rice more palatable. One of the easy ways I make cooked white or brown rice a little more tasty is to sprinkle a little Sweet Chili Sauce on it. This is a condiment that can be found with the Asian foods in your local supermarket. It's a sweet and slightly spicy sauce that's as easy to shake on rice as salt or soy sauce would be. It's fairly inexpensive, too. When I lived in Oregon I used ot purchase mine in a large bottle at the Fred Meyer fish counter for about $3. Another easy way to improve the blandness of rice is to use chicken broth and a little white wine in place of the water when cooking the grains.
  • In India there's a real yummy breakfast dish, boiled basmati rice, mixed up with mashed bananas and shredded coconut. When I was a kid, my mother used to make this dish of stir fried mushrooms, mixed up with shredded cheddar cheese and rice. To make rice taste more interesting, you could boil it with spices, such as bay leaf, cumin, garlic, cinammon and cardamon.
  • some people like thier rice fried with soy sauce mixed /w/ fried egg
  • I used to use this as a base for what I called "slop". White or brown rice with Campbells Golden mushroom soup (one can condensed to half a can of milk or yogurt) then mix anywhere from one to two rounded teaspoons of ginger powder into it (more if you can take it). This is great with sauted peppers, broccoli, and chicken. The interesting thing about this dish is that it tastes sweet but will make you sweat bullets if there's enough ginger in it.
  • I agree with the rice fried with egg and soya. If your using white rice just add some salt and pepper to the boiling pot.
  • I don't really like rice either but then i started cooking chicken with it which gave it some flavor then putting terriaki sauce on it. It really makes it taste a whole lot better
  • make your brown rice with honey
  • It sounds a bit strange, but most salad dressings make nice additions to rice. Select one based on the meat, seafood and/or veggies you're using. Sweet dressings, like raspberry walnut vinaigrette pair nicely with chicken or shrimp (and you can even add nuts on top). Italian goes well with veggie dishes. Be creative and enjoy!
  • Depending on my dish, I will either cook it in chicken broth or beef broth instead of water. I will also sometimes add some spices to it like parsley, oregano, or Italian seasoning. Experimenting is part of cooking. Get creative and you might come up with some wonderful dishes!! Cooking can be fun!!
  • Cook the rice, then melt some butter in a skillet, saute some garlic, put the rice in and add basil and chopped parsley. You can vary the herb to suit your taste or just change it each time you make it.
  • Add soy sauce
  • add sugar, cinnamon, mango and coconut milk and have it for desert.
  • Rather than boil the rice in water,, boil it in chicken stock, tastes real yummy.
  • You could replace the water with chicken broth and add some beans.
  • When initially making your rice try adding a pinch of saffron, bay leaf, or basil. It will give your rice a more appetizing aroma and take the white down from hospital white to antique white... Nothing worse that eating something that looks like it was bleached.
  • I like to cook it in chicken broth like the others, (leaving some diced or sliced chicken in), but I fry it almost dry so its a little brown and crispy. I could eat bowls and bowls of it.
  • Well you do the basics of course. Wash the rice. Put half a cup of oil and a little bit of salt in the boiling water. When its done you could pour chicken sauce of in. DELICIOUS = ]]
  • Sooo many ways to cook rice! Spanish rice with spaghetti sauce and any (but not all) of the following: bell pepper, onion, pepperoni, chicken, jalapenos, corn,black beans Rice pudding As a breakfast food with butter and sugar, milk and sugar, with raisins, nuts, cinnamon With any cream based soups (mushroom, chicken, celery) use 1 can condensed soup one can rice and two cans water I like to add butter and pepper to this In a broccoli and cheese casserole In soups Seasoned with meat. Chicken, pepperoni, Italian sausage, pork, beef, chorizo, sausage, With shrimp or fish Various spices saffron, ginger, red pepper, italian seasoning, cinnamon and nutmeg, cumin and chili powder With almonds (rice almondine) Rice pilaf Rice is very versatile! Google rice recipes first and then experiment! Have fun!

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