• Its been a couple years since I coded with visual basic and I have a feeling you'll never be back on here... but I'll give ya some psuedo code that should do the trick Input value If value < 0 or value > 12 display Invalid elseif value = 1 display January elseif value = 2 display Febuary and so on. Good luck to you!
  • try a select statement this is in VB6: Select case value case 1 msgbox "January" case 2 msgbox "February" etc. . . . case 12 msgbox "december" end select
  • Try doing your own homework.
  • dim i as integer=textbox1.text case i switch 1 messagebox("January",Messageboxstyle.OkOnly) switch 2 messagebox("Februrary",Messageboxstyle.OkOnly) switch 3 messagebox("March",Messageboxstyle.OkOnly) ............. ............. and so on

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