• i'm from l.a. but was in ny in june; taking the bus down to Statue of Liberty, i ended up at the Twin Towers construction site, the temporary bridge and all that....NO, it doesn't seem like 100 years ago; it was a real tragedy and being at the site just made it more real and definitely puts in perspective the resilience of new yorkers and a city where the population continues to grow
  • yes I remember, and what baffles me is the person who dedicated the number to dial in an emergency as 911 that was years before, weird
  • Not really. I was in 1st grade.
  • I remember stopping at the bank on the way to work. They were talking about something behind the counter. When I got to work, we listened to the news reports on the radio all day long.
  • Of course... sometimes it's hard to believe something so awful happened.
  • Doesn't seem all that long ago to me. I'll never forget that day and I'll never forget where I was where it happened.
  • i remember it vividly. i was in 8th grade math class when it happened.
  • You darn tootin I do! I watched the uncut videos of the plane flying into the second tower and the flames and people jumping off the top because they knew they couldn't be rescued.
  • Yes! I am Canadian so I felt like it was a million miles from me (although it's just a 12 hour drive). I will always remember working in a hotel and walking out to the front desk to get money changed. As I passed by the TV which was always on the news channel, I noticed a building with flames/smoke coming from it. Just as I went to ask the clerk what happened and where this was, we both screamed as the second plane hit the tower. I will never forget that. I called my husband frantically and he just kept saying "no, it can't be true".
  • i remember the day. i was in jamaica
  • I was told by phone and I literally couldn't believe it (the source was questionable). . Over time I began to understand what happened. And what it meant. One of the worst things was media collusion in 'not showing disturbing images'. I can't express how pathetic and weak that was. Or how ridiculous was the crap about 'anti-Islamic backlash'. It NEVER happened. . German-Americans were actually persecuted (though not so terribly) during WWII. Japanese were put in camps. . Muslims? Not so much. As in not at all. But people talked about it constantly as though it would start any minute. . We're better than that. Always have been. It wasn't the populace that rounded up the Japanese immigrants it was dear old Uncle Sam. . No, people on the street felt that somebody had to pay, and that somebody was...the people who did it. Not fellow citizens.
  • I was watching tv. That was not interrupted for news. I was told about it over the phone.
  • Just one second pal, I'm not talking any further about the terrorist stuffs without the advice of a lawyer.

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