• Well, I tend to do both, but when the conversation is interesting to me I will go more towards really listening and if it begins to bore me I tend to go more towards thinking about what I will say next.
  • i try to really listen, but sometimes I get caught up in what they're saying and find myself thinking of what I want to tell them. At my age, that's a defense mechanism to protect me from my own forgetfulness.
  • A little of both. I'm much better at just listening than I used to be.
  • Listen, of course. How else would you know what to reply? I do get a kick off of this Michael Savage radio promo where he goes on about how nobody in this country ever listens, just waits to talk, like we're all in a monologue. He's a touch nuts, but entertaining, too.
  • I mostly wait to talk.
  • I've been guility of thinking what I want to say instead of really listening.....If you're good at cutting people off then you're really not good at listening....
  • I'm actually a very good listener.
  • I try my best to listen. Once in awhile, if they're talking for too long, I'll try to remember my thought so I don't forget it.
  • If you listen, you'll get ideas about what to say next.
  • It might sound wrong, but sometimes I act like I'm listening but i'm real;ly thinking about something completely different and then i realize it and try to pick up on what they are talking about, in order to give a good response.
  • I try to listen so I have a complete picture of what the other person is trying to convey. If I were thinking about what to 'say next', I could miss the point entirely.

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