• No, Oprah doesn't have her own church or a cult. There is a popular youtube video going around that makes these claims, but this video is clear propaganda. It even advertises a book with a title like Oprah, Obama, and the Occult. It's obviously politically motivated since Oprah is endorsing Barack Obama. Oprah has also been endorsing A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle on her program, which is a new age type spiritual book and program. In addition to that, she's been having these online classes related to the book which many people attend. This is what they are calling the 'church.' It's actually kind of the opposite of a church because the program teaches a higher level of spirituality than the typical church setting offers.
  • The Church of Self-Importance.
  • It is only a cult if she is teaching her own ideas...
  • If the followers are doing what OPRAH wants, then yes, they are a cult. But does she promote Bible standards?

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