• He's a sith. You can read up on Sith Lords to your heart's content here:
  • he is a mole
  • Darth Maul is an Iridonian Zabrak from the world of Iridonia. “Sith” is not a species in Star Wars it is the name given to the practitioner of the dark side of the force. A Sith is the opposite of a Jedi.
  • Pretty good answers so far. Maul is a Zabrak, and a Sith apprentice (under Darth Sidious of course.) However, it was established in KOTOR that Sith used to be a species but died out. That wasn't before their teachings spread. In above mentioned KOTOR, there were many Sith and it continued this way until Darth Bane came upon a revelation that there should only be two at a time. A Master and an apprentice. Once the apprentice had learned all he/she could (or thought they could) from the Master, they would generally kill the Master. And thus, this tradition carried on until the end of ROTJ. Hope this helps :D
  • Zabrak come in several different skin colors (Eeth Koth and Agen Kolar were both Zabrak, and both members of the Jedi Council, but they had brown skin tones). Darth Maul's original skin tone was red--his tattoos are all black ink over red skin. I just mention it because I think it's neat. When Episode 1 first came out, and Maul's species was not revealed (or maybe hadn't been made up yet), I and many other speculated that he might actually be of the legendary Sith species. We were mistaken. There don't seem to be any biological Sith left in the Galaxy--only their name lives on...
  • He is a Zabrak.

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