• I would assume that he found "a new definition of pain and suffering, as [he] slowly digested for a thousand years."
  • First of all it's Sarlacc. Second, based on Expanded Universe sources, Boba Fett escapes the Sarlacc, barely alive, and is rescued by Dengar. While the Sarlacc left extensive damage physically and mentally, Fett manages to summon the will to recover and resumes his career. Lucas has stated that he has "no problem" with Fett surviving and it is therefore considered G-canon. You can read a short story about Fett in the books: "A Barve Like That: The Tale of Boba Fett" "Payback: The Tale of Dengar" and "The Mandalorian Armor"
  • He then went through a long period of painful healing and rehabilitation, during which Dengar nursed him back to health. (Pretty nice of Dengar considering that Fett placed an explosive charge on his ship, Punishing One, to keep him from finding Solo first back during the events of Empire Strikes Back. But maybe Dengar didn't know it was him.) Dengar and Fett then become partners for a few years. One of the first things they do is track down Jodo Kast, a wannabe novice who has his own set of Mandalorian armor and is trading off of Fett's notoriety to help his reputation. Now, there are only two things Fett really cares about--credits, and his reputation. (Well, three if you count revenge against the Jedi.) Fett and Kast mix it up, and of course, Fett kicks his butt and leaves him to die in a collapsed building. Fett seemed really mad at Kast because he wasn't a Mandalorian and hadn't "earned" the armor. In fact, he took most of Kast's armor back with him and stowed it on his ship. Fett kept a low profile after that, working with Dengar and using his apparent death to his advantage to lie low and sneak up on bounties. Around this time, Fett uses some cunning bureaucratic and business tricks to get back Slave I from Grakouine, where it was sitting in an Alliance impound yard. But he tooled around in Slave II, a MandalMotors Pursuer-class ship, so as to not blow his cover. Then he went after Solo a few more times, since after the death of Jabba the other Hutts put an even larger bounty on his head. Thanks to Chewie's protection, those attempts were unsuccessful. Eventually, Fett runs into Fenn Shysa, one of the last true Mandalorian supercommandos, and finds out that all this time, Shysa has been the Mandalore (that's what they call their ruler) over a new clan of Mandalorians. (You have to realize, 'Mandalorian' is similar to 'samurai'--it's not a species or a family, it's a warrior class that requires a serious commitment of honor to be adopted into). Shysa gets himself killed saving Fett from an unknown danger, and Fett, by this time an old man, decides to take his place and become the new Mandalore, putting a tribe full of new young supercommando recruits through their paces. Thus, eventually Fett finds the one thing he's really been missing all along--family and comradeship.
  • he died

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