• In terms of the physiology behind falling in love, yes, men and women fall in love the same way--heart rate increases, breathing changes, some blushing is likely to occur, pupils dilate, among other physiological changes. It's about how you interpret these that determines whether you interpret this as love or something else. However, what makes people fall in love with one another may be different for each individual (for everyone, not just males or females). Some people think appearance (and attractiveness of the person) is most important. Others think that it's the person's personality. Some look for wealth. Some look for a list of traits. Again, these are not gender specific, per se. But there is one difference when dealing with gender differences in attraction and love. Men fall in (and out of) love faster than women. This is speaking about the population of men and women in general and not about every male and female.
    • Murgatroyd
      Why are so many people on this site so obsessed with generalising about men and women?
    • officegirl
      Its fun to generalize and what could be a more fascinating subject to generalize about? OK I think as long as we don't get to lecturing others or expect everyone to fit our generalizations.
  • no, i would say they don't. for example: me and my wife. been married for almost 2 years. have one daughter. we are both in iraq. she fucks around, i do equally? i think not
    • Murgatroyd
      I'm sorry, we cannot allow that kind of language on primetime television.
  • Of course they do. But it's most often the difference in gender which gives a general determination as to how it is expressed. e.g. It is generalised that men in their younger years may just want to muck around, while women want longer lasting relationships. So we women give men the steriotype of not being able to fall in love. This is speaking in general terms. But when a man does fall in love, though each male is different, all share some characterstics and ways of expressing love as befits their steriotypical gender. The same goes for women. E.g. we tend to romantisise (and over-analyse!)
    • Murgatroyd
  • i love and worship the ground my girlfriend walks on. i am very much in love with her.
  • 12-24-2016 I don't know. I've never been a woman.
  • Of course we do.
  • Yes. I believe real deep love grows over time.
  • Symptoms would be the same but the mechanism I think different. Men tend to be much more idealistic in it because for them is more a celebration of life while we think more practically because it may mean our whole comfort and survival.
  • We fall down manholes like little girls.....
  • Actually, there is science on this. When a woman falls in love, she will tend to express admiration for the guy. She will tend to tell him things like that she admires him, that he is handsome. She will tend to praise even the smallest thing he has done for her. It will be very "word" oriented. This does not mean that a girl does not DO things. She might make a guy she likes a dinner or something, but mostly her love will tend to manifest itself in expressions of admiration and respect. There will also be a lot of affection - kissing, hand holding, etc. Sex, as a general rule - and these are ALL general rules - will come later. For a women, sex is what you do after there is love. For a man, sex is proof that there IS love. (A man, at some level, will tend to doubt that a woman loves him until she has sex with him. He needs that affirmation that comes with sex. For a woman, sex is what you do after there is a sense of commitment. The guy has to, in effect, affirm his love to her before she sleeps with him.) For men, a guy in love will not express it so much in words, but in actions. He may tell his s/o that she is pretty or something, but in general he will be very spare with his words and simply saying "I love you" will be harder and rarer. Instead, a guy will do favors for a woman he loves - maybe a project around his gfd's house, or drive her somewhere or bring her flowers. One HUGE thing that he will do is introduce the girl to his friends and family. If he does that, you can be 99.9% sure that the guy loves the girl. For a guy, that is a massive expression of pride - unspoken though it may be - in the woman he is with. (By contrast, the girl will want a guy to meet her friends and parents, but the tendency is for her to want to spend time with the guy alone.) Anyhow, as noted, these are tendencies and for every rule you will find an exception - but generally this is what the data show.

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