• No idea. I wouldnt be crying though. I would be absolutely giddy. I love the rain. And to get married in it? *sighs* I would love it. ~+~
  • I love the rain, so I would consider it a blessing. However, I don't believe in luck. Many would be distraught at rain on their wedding day, so I think the saying is more for comfort.
  • I've always heard the saying, "Happy the bride the sun shines on". I don't think it means anything one way or another. I had a friend who's wedding was interrupted by a tornato, they're happy still. So, it matters not, I guess.
  • It's a low pressure front, coming in from the east with a high chance of showers.
  • I'm guessing it's something they say to make people feel better if it rains. If it really was good luck you would see people hoping for rain.
  • I hope so. It rained, hailed, snowed, and then the sun came out on my wedding day.
  • My husbnad's co-worker for many years is getting hitched today and it is so miserable and cold and rainy in NY. Outside pictures are great but there will be none for her today.
  • I always thought it was a blessing if it rains on a funeral; this suggests that the heavens themselves are mourning the death of the person being buried. As for weddings, I too remember the saying as "Happy is the bride that the sun shines on."
  • Where I come from (italy) it brings good luck - but I'm not into superstitions!
  • I am not sure about the rain, but I was at an out door wedding in Colorado at the Broadmore Hotel when lighting struck very close to the groom and bride. Every one ran inside the building next to the ceremony. The wedding was delayed for about 45 minutes but the storm continued. They were finally married inside the building with people just standing around.
  • probably something they say to make you stop crying
  • Superstition has nothing to do with weddings.

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