• All scorpion species possess venom. In general, scorpion venom is described as neurotoxic in nature. One exception to this however is Hemiscorpius lepturus which possesses cytotoxic venom. The neurotoxins consist of a variety of small proteins as well as sodium and potassium cations, which serve to interfere with neurotransmission in the victim. Scorpions use their venom to kill or paralyze their prey so that it can be eaten; in general it is fast acting, allowing for effective prey capture. Scorpion venoms are optimized for action upon other arthropods and therefore most scorpions are relatively harmless to humans; stings produce only local effects (such as pain, numbness or swelling). However a few scorpion species, mostly in the family Buthidae, can be dangerous to humans. Among the most dangerous are Leiurus quinquestriatus, otherwise known as the death stalker, which has the most potent venom in the family, and members of the genuses Parabuthus, Tityus and especially Androctonus, which also have strong venom. These scorpions, and others in the family Buthidae, have been responsible for many human deaths. Scorpions are generally unable to deliver enough venom to kill healthy adults; deaths normally occur in the young, elderly or infirm. One symptom of a scorpion sting can include numbing at the injection site, sometimes lasting for several days. Unless provoked, scorpions are generally harmless and timid and use their sting only for killing prey. Generally, they will run from danger or remain very still. Also in some species, it has been recorded that the sting can kill a human if they suffer from an allergy to it. It is unknown whether scorpions are venom conservers; however, the venom is often only used when the prey cannot be subdued with the claws alone. Many scorpion species, such as Pandinus and Hadogenes, rarely if ever use their venom, instead relying on their strong bulky pedipalps in prey capture. Hope I Helped!
  • with regard to venom toxicity, leiurus quinquestriatus produces the most toxic vemom (0.16 - 0.5 mg/kg lethal dose) however, Androctonus australis has the most human fatalities attributed to it
  • scorpion that ahs big pincer are very piosonous
  • Scorpions in the state of Durango have killed a lot of people, in the recent years that has decreased, but historically, it has been a deadly treat for families living in the rural parts of the state.
  • I couldn't tell you the name for sure; Although typically,the smaller the scorpion the more dangerous the sting.
  • In Mexico there is a scorpion named "Alicon". If someone is bitten by one and the antidote is not given within 30 minutes you are dead. I had a friend's mother bitten by one there and died in but a few minutes. I also know of a child there bitten. they put ice packs on the bite and they were able to get her to where she could be given the antidote within about 45 minutes. She survived. the doctors said the ice slowed the effect but for not much longer. I turned over a board while there and came close to getting hit myself.

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