• I remember stepping on a really big staple (one that holds big boxes together) that went right through my sneaker and into my foot. That was definately worse than when I stepped on a bee!
  • Oh yes, a big nail that was through a board. That sucked.
  • Nope thank God! But my cousin steped on a sharp stick on and it broke of way inside her. It was nasty and cool at the same time!
  • I've never stepped on a knife, but, I've accidentally stepped on glass and have been badly cut. I've stepped on a huge nail that went deep into my foot. I've stepped on a huge rusty fishhook that was embedded in some tall shag carpeting in an old fleabag motel when I was a kid and they had to cut it out of my foot. Nope !!! That wasn't much fun at all !!
  • Nail, that blew ass, had to get a tetanus shot and everything
  • I stepped on a needle went about an inch into my foot. It wasn't serious but dear God, it hurt. Another time I stepped on a rusty nail, and realized I was stepping on something about a second before I embedded it into my foot...luckily it just went through the sole of my shoe.
  • Owww. Thanks for bringing back that old memory! Got to be more careful of what I read.
  • A nail went through the bottom of a pair of flats I was wearing once. I also had a peice of glass stuck in the sole of my foot for a week before I could actually get the nerve up to dig it out, now THAT was painful!
  • When I was renovating my old house I stepped on a board with a big ol nail sticking out of it and had to go have the thing pulled out of my foot. :)
  • Once when I was hunting fireflies with a glass jar, I dropped it and accidentally stepped on the broken bottom of it.
  • Ive stepped on a garden rake. However it wasn't the points on the rake that got my attention, it was the handle coming up and nailing me in the forehead.
  • broken glass all the time...i have 2 young kids :)
  • I had a staple point in my foot in 2nd grade. My foot was hurting during recess, and when I can back in I started screaming when I took off my boot and saw a staple in it. I also have stepped on a nail in the granpa's back yard when I was young. I still have the scar.

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