• Country Band with a one word name Mythical creature/monster Math term Word where “re” can be added to the front to form a new word Type of toy Horror movie Beer brand Kitchen appliance Word for sex
  • Albania Abba Alf Algebra Arrange Apples to Apples Annie-(actually I could not think of one!) Amberbock Apple corer Asexualism
  • I love scattergories!!!! Argentina Alabama ---- Algebra Reassess Answerbag Arachnophobia Amstel ---- Amen!
  • Spain Styx Satyr Substraction Size Swing set Shining (The) Schlitz Spatula (?) Sleeping together
  • England Erasure Echo (OK, not a monster, per se, but still from Mythology) Ellipse Enter Etch-a-Sketch Enter the Dragon (to me, any Bruce Lee movie is horrible) Eold Milwaukee :o) Eggbeater Ejaculation
  • Norway Nektar Naid Numerator Renounce Nintendo Night Of The Living Dead Newcastle Brown Ale ?(I can't think of a kitchen appliance beginning with an N) Nookie
  • Nicaragua Nightnoise Nymph natural number (double points for 2 n's! Woot!) new (renew) Nintendo DS Nightmare on Elm Street New Glarus Unplugged Imperial Weizen (it's delicious) nutcracker (it could be an appliance!) Naughty (as in "doin' the naughty)
  • No way! This is just a scheme to learn my real name. Just watch, sinister is gonna ask us to play Sudoku using our Social Security numbers. But.. Ok... Anybody wants to steal my identity, is really bad off, if they wanta assume my debts, that's fine with me, mite be a few warrants out there too. Country- Ruritania Band with a one word name-REM ( Hey, if you're gonna allow Ruritania, ya gotta take REM as a word.) Mythical creature/monster-Roc Math term- Retrograde Word where “re” can be added to the front to form a new word-Run Type of toy- Rocking horse Horror movie-Reptilicus ( Well at least it was ahorrible movie) Beer brand- Rolling Rock Kitchen appliance- Rotisserie Word for sex- Roger ( Which mebbee we could do after watching this re-run of this Japanese movie about some roc, while eatin a roasted chicken , I dunno tho, does REM even got any romantic music. Uh oh, neva mind, I had too many beers, It's gone all retrograde. ( Ruritania was not included in that tortured sentence , as it does not exist out side of fiction. But then after that many beers, the very idea of sex also exists in the same locale.)
  • Cambodia Coldplay Centuar Calculus Recover Construx Carnival of Souls Coors Colander Catasexuality (no, I do not partake) That was big fun!
  • Iraq Inxs Immortals? Isotope Issue, Reissue Ipod It Ice House Ice Maker Impure, lol

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