• Ingiition modual either under the steering column or under the hood in backof engine. Check either started or alternator. First, check / swap / charge battery. If it starts and runs, but dies a few days later, it the alternator. if it wont even turn over, if barely, it could be the starter, or more specifically, the startet solenoid.
  • Could be the timing belt. Remove the oil filler cap on the valve cover and have some one crank the engine while you look down the hole with a flashlight - if the rockers don't move that's what it is. Be careful of fans and belts while leaning in under hood.
  • in response to "shady guy", engine cranking has resistance, starter not spinning freely as in timing belt breaking (had 1 break before on same engine) am thinking it might be ignition module, due to fact that it ran normally previous day and then sat till morning. starting noises haven't changed ( pitch, whine, etc.) sounds normal,like it will start any moment, but it just won't.
  • got it fixed, turned out to be a blown fuse for the fuel pump, found it by accident while trying to troubleshoot under hood courtesy light. did end up putting in 2 ignition coil packs though due to the fact that they were cracked, and i figured it wouldn't hurt to replace them. just glad it wasn't major. thanks for the input.

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