• No, but such is the twisted world we live in. Pete Rose went down in a different era. There were a few bastions of chivalry left. Nowadays, in the Paris-Britney-Lindsay-era, what these guys did is pretty pedestrian.
  • Ha! NO! So Rose was an all around asshole, he was a phenomenal player...he should be inducted on the merits of his playing career, not on what he did later on. His playing career is much less tarnished than those you mentioned.
  • I don't think it's possible since he is on the ineligible list for the hall of fame
  • No. They engaged in illegal drug activity and to make matters worse, they were 'perfomance enhancing' drugs. They broke the law and they achieved notoriety in thier field using strength and power that they did not naturally possess yo...
  • No, and I still refuse to visit Cooperstown until the day Rose is making his speech there, then I will go. If not, I will die never seeing the place since it is not worthy until they let Rose in. The day Rose is making that speech it will be the pargest crowd of all time and I think the Bastards know it.
  • Barry Bonds most definatly as well as Alex Rodreguiz but I am not so sure about the other two

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