• I can't. Paradise is an exceedingly personal thing, and is different for each person.
  • hawaii with my boyfriend, sippin pina colada ..
  • My husband and I - anywhere - alone!
  • I have those hanging from the mirror in my caddy! Its a redneck word, "hey bill, whats that in your car? Oh thats just a fuzzy paradise!"
  • Paradise inplies perfection. As words isolate, separate and distort they cannot accurate define the nature of that which is perfect. Silence would be the best description.
  • A place where theres no worries
  • Full contentment.
  • Right here Right now
  • Sitting on a desert island with jonny depp, will smith and vin diesel and a bottle of martini!!! mmmmmmmm heaven!!! lol
  • One wise philosopher described it as being "barely 17 and we were barely dressed."
  • Hawaii with 10 nude,mute Kendra Wilkinson clones a box of cuban cigars,a unlimited bar tab, and a paint ball gun.
  • "(Here is) a Parable of the Garden which the righteous are promised: in it are rivers of water incorruptible; rivers of milk of which the taste never changes; rivers of wine, a joy to those who drink; and rivers of honey pure and clear. In it there are for them all kinds of fruits; and Grace from their Lord." "Enter ye the Garden, ye and your wives, in (beauty and) rejoicing. To them will be passed round, dishes and goblets of gold: there will be there all that the souls could desire, all that their eyes could delight in: and ye shall abide therein (for aye)." Anyway, one thing to bear in mind in relation to the supposed delights of paradise is that "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him" meaning perhaps that they are difficult to describe using earthly language. The three qoutes are from HQ 47:15, HQ 43:70-71 and I Corinthians 2:9, respectively.
  • not to be cheesy or anything but true love lol
  • A beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a girl between my legs.
  • Garden of Eden was an proverbial utopia, though the millenial will be of the same calibre, or at least until man screws it up again. I believe the best thing we can hope to achieve that rivals paradise would be finding true love and pursuing that and that person wholeheartedly, as well as worshipping God. He is the Author of life and of the genders, and should things work out, it will be His approval via the church that will seal the deal.
  • Peace and harmony over the whole earth, everyone satisfied and happy with enough to eat and their loved ones with them
  • This is going to be a somewhat long answer, but meh. I've had this idea for a long long time. I've always wanted to build a community of houses all in a circle. Each house would be for a different friend/family member and each house would be customized for that specific person. My house would have an editing room for my movies and an in home movie theater. My friend Alex would have a soccer feild. I'd give my friend Gabe a recording studio for his band. An art room for my friend Jessica, complete with everything you would ever need for scultping. My friend Kristen would get the same thing + a photography studio for her boyfriend. My friend Austin would also get a photography studio. My sister would have a huge backyard for her dog to run around (That's all she wants. =P) Her husband would live with her and have a full gym and UFC octagon. My friend Josh would have a sports bar type thing. My friend Brandon and his wife would have a really nice garage. Jamie would have a quarter mile strip. John Mark would have a track that he could test his RSX on and a social type room for his girlfriend (she loves to sociolize). Jesse would have a dirt track and a WRX. The idea being that they could supe up their cars in the garage and then mess with them on the different tracks. In the middle of the circle would be a BBQ/pool area and a gigantic slip and slide. Each house would be equipped with an intercom where we could all talk with each other. If you knew my friends and family you know that hilarity would ensue because of this. Surrounded by all my friends and family and they all have everything they could ever need/want, that's paradise to me. What more could I want? =)
  • Absolute silence and relaxation with no work, worries, or crying babies.

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