• The methods for reporting problem users include contacting a CL, or sending a message to with the information necessary for them to act.
  • Ah. You don't. Unless you want to get really devious and spend a lot of time.
  • Wrap them up in their own web of lies. . Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we learn to deceive. - Robert Burns
  • Dont say anything to them just wipe them off your friends list and leave it at that , their not worth your time or engery.
  • I wouldn't do anything. People like that aren't worth my time.
  • I have found that these immature ppl hate it when you don't take the bait. If they get nasty to me I just tell them that I am sorry they don't agree with me, but I respect their opinions as should they mine. And they should have a wonderful day..They hate it, and they just look like idiots when they keep going.;)
  • I'll go hide in the closet right now.
  • You don't. Take it offline or contact a CL or AB-Staff. Confronting somebody here could get messy and turn into a drama filled spectacular and we do not need anymore of those. Tempting as it may be to do so, I really must caution you against it.
  • I wouldn't. Such a person would be unworthy of my time and effort. Confrontation is only workable if both sides play by the same rules..someone who is a coward won't show him/herself so you have no idea who this person is..being a liar means, well, anything they have to say is untruthful..if you are truthful, the confrontation will not be fair. Your friends will not believe the crap..those who are not your friends will believe whatever the he** they need to in order to feel good about themselves. So, wasted effort, wasted energy, wasted intellect, wasted time..not worth it! :) ((hugs))
  • You don't need to. If the person is such a liar, his or her contributions will definitely show it eventually, or maybe even right now. Liars have this problem of inconsistency, you see.
  • They are not going to own up to anything your breath and report them.
  • As Andy said, you find a CL or report it via feedback :)
  • Welcome to the internet where you have the option to remain anonymous. Since your identity is kept secret and the person you wish to confront does take part in your daily life, then I see no need for a confrontation. Just ignore and let it go.
  • By copying and pasting his profile http into a comment for Galeanda. ;)
  • Just ask me, I work for MI5 and know ninjas who will take care of them, and I look like a model and earn £500,000 a week for playing football (in my spare time). Who was this liar you're talking about?

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