• Very few but it varies from fruit to fruit.
  • it varies from fruit to fruit: Apple:44 calories Apricot:30 Calories Avocado:150 calories Banana:107 calories Blacberries(each):1 calorie Blueberries(100g):49 calories Cherry(each):2.4 calories Clementine:24 calories Currants:5 calories Damson:28 calories Figs:10 calories Gooseberries:2.6 calories Grape(each):3 calories Grapefruit:100 calories Guava:24 calories Kiwi: 34 calories Lemon:20 calories Mango:40 calories Melon Honeydew:36 calories Melon Canteloupe:25 calories Nectarines:42 calories Olives:6.8 calories Orange (average):35 calories Orange (large):100 calories Passionfruit:30 calories Peach:35 calories Pear:45 calories Pineapple:50 calories Plum:25 calories Prunes:9 calories Raisins:5 calories raspberries (each):1.1 calories Rhubarb:8 calories Strawberries (each) :2.7 calories Sultanas:5 Calories Tangerine:26 calories Tomatoes (average):9 calories Tomatoes(cherry):2 calories

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