• No. I'll probably make more than $100,000 a year just a few years after entering the workforce. "Median annual earnings of computer and information scientists, research, were $93,950 in May 2006." - I already have some investments and whatnot, plus I like to think that I'm above the median, so I'll probably make around $100,000 if all goes well.
  • I would for a couple years, then find a way to get hurt.
  • As this is lower than the average salary of a nuclear engineer, I wouldn't. I see no danger in modern nuclear power and would love to have the chance to work in one someday at the proper salary level.
  • Why not? There is only one danger of working in a nuclear power plant and that is a catastrophic explosion while within range. I see that as no more dangerous than most other jobs. In fact it is probably SAFER to work in a nuclear power plant due to the fact it has some seriously dangerous materials there. That means the safety procedures surrounding everything would be much higher and strongly enforced than in the normal work force.
  • Absolutely. Nuclear power plant worker is one of the safest jobs in the world. Go visit my friend Jim Zimmerlin, a worker at the Diablo Plant near San Luis Obispo, California:
  • No. Just because I believe I will make more money then that later in life. I wouldn't want to limit myself like that. I think it would be as safe as any other job.
  • No, it's not my passion. I would be happy making $2.00 a month if I was a film maker. Just how I am.
  • Yeah, why not? It's safer than working in a high school, where I used to work, believe me.
  • I do work in a nuclear plant, so I'm not opposed to it. Signing a contract saying I had to work anywhere for as long as I'm able isn't something I would do. Who knows what the future holds? Why make such a long commitment to a job?
  • I would. At this point, with all the earthquakes going on here in the Reno area, it can't be any more dangerous than the building where I work possibly falling in on itself like the house in "Carrie."
  • The most dangerous part would be the drive into and from work every day. Still, I do fine at my present job, and just a touch too old to think about starting over now.
  • Have you ever been in a nuclear plant? I have and I saw the triple redunancies of the safety equipment. I have no problem in going into a nuke plant. Remember that 3-Mile Island caused less environmental damage than the Exxon Valdez and proved that the safety measures worked
  • Well.. I will get to $100,000 in my current career anyway.
  • hi sara, babieeeeeeeeeeeee, what good is money if you might not be around to spend it ... LoLz
  • As long as they put a geiger counter in all urinals............ Hi S-monster.
  • Yes, i worked for a company that made process control equipment that went into those nuclear plants.
  • Working for a nuclear power plant is safer than working in an oil field. How would you rather get your power? I would rather keep my options open for a higher paying job, but I wouldn't turn it down based on safety issues.
  • No I would not, a Nuclear Engineer makes very much more than that precisely because of the danger, the required knowledge and years of study. Regards.
  • It depends on the job I would be doing and the level of safety in that specific plant.
  • Nope. Even though that would be ample salary to provide for a family and decent living I would still take a safer job to spend more time and live a longer life with Marge, Bart, and Lisa.
  • maybe not cause if it was dangerous i wouldnt be able to enjoy the money

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