• I define art as anything that makes me think or feel something. Same thing for music basically.
  • Serious thought put into it.
  • If I can get lost in the picture.
  • Art lovers probably decide is it a good art or not?
  • As far as I'm concerned, if it makes me want to look at it some more it's good.
  • If I try to answer this on the physical or visual level, it's unanswerable -- i.e. the techniques or the colors or the mediums, the use of shape and light and texture, all of that stuff is just the means of expression. What matters to me is what gets expressed, what gets communicated, what the artist is able to ignite in the viewer. That is very subjective, but it also has an objective aspect -- i.e. Van Gogh really is better than the kid next door. Great art happens when an inspired artist who has mastered their medium is fully alive and loses themselves in the work. Then it's the viewer's job to open up and let it in, something that can be almost as tough.
  • art is a state of mind in the judge it would be to judge their my eyes.

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