• Yes. In many civil lawsuits, bars and bartenders have been sued for allowing an intoxicated person to either become disorderly inside the establishment or allowed to operate a motor vehicle where death or bodily injury has occured.
  • In one word yes! Alcohol selling establishments should take well more responsibility than they already do! These days, it's not about going for a quiet drink anymore with most people. And the bars encourage people to drink more. Not much seating appears to cause people to drink more. Happy hours should also be banned! And they need to stop serving people who are obviously drunk. Which a lot of places don't. Also the bars and clubs should pay a levy to the police, for sorting out the mess, when the drunken people pile out, and cause mayhem in the streets. I'm not anti alcohol BTW :)
  • About 80% of US states have such laws that stem from the theory of "Dram Shop Liability". In my opinion, if a bartender knows or should know that an individual is intoxicated, and as a result the intoxication is the proximate cause of a criminal act, then the Bartender should also face arrest and punishment as a matter of public policy. However, again in my opinion, criminal liability should not equal civil suit liability - it should not diminish the personal responsibility of the alcohol consumer.
  • Consumers should be responsible for their own actions. It's called personal responsibility.

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