• Yes mine do, its just the stupid things they do all the time that makes me laugh and stuff, they are very entertaining animals.
  • Yes. They are playful, loyal and curious. They treat me better than most humans.
  • My big reddish tan male Akita always greets me and my wife in the mornings by pawing at our bed and giving us a quizzical look. If we don't respond, he jumps on top of us and starts licking our faces! He's pretty heavy, so it's not a pleasant surprise to get pommelled by a large Akita. :)
  • They sure do! They are very loving and often comical when they start playing with each other. They actually play hide and seek :D
  • Because when i'm stressed i just go to them to cheer me up. Chico is especially one frisky dog who wouldn't keep you bored. Friskas, the cat is more of a lazy one. (Sorry i don't got a pic of chico :(..)
  • Our little 'Yorkie' has a habit of bringing smiles to our faces. Currently she will rol over for a 'belly rub' with no regard for her safety whatsoever. Anytime, anyplace. (she's 'easy' yo...)
  • Hell no. I have two cats who fight all the time, and one likes to claw at my bedroom door when I'm trying to sleep. You'd think by now they'd take the hint that they aren't aloud to come into the room when the door is closed. Pisses me off. Anyone want some cats?
  • Geeeeez, they are crazy and unpredictable and creative and smart. My dogs bring the kind of joy in my life that you thank God for!
  • Yes they do, especially the cats. They are always there, come when I talk about them, do very funny things alone and together.
  • My pets. . .er, kids. . . always give me a smile. Research has proven that petting an animal actually reduces human stress! Works for me!
  • Sure. They have unique personalities and habits that make me laugh.
  • I took in a ferel kitten last fall. I alraedy had 2 cats. They get along ok, but every time the older cats go near her stuff, liter box, food dish, little bed, etc, she actually runs out to get me. She meows and makes me follow her to the problem. Im sooo glad I took her in. It took us 5 months to get her from the back garage to the deck. She's fat and sassy now. I love her.

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