• Heterosexual? Do they think you are gay? My parents always just assumed my siblings and I were straight. Unless of course you meant homosexual. In which case it's going to be per the people. Some people are very open minded and accepting and others are not. Example: my girlfriend's little sister is gay... while we accept it her grandparents are very very religous and are reserved about her preference. To each their own, I say. You'll have to decide on when, what to say when it comes to them indiviually. I don't think there is a cookie cutter answer, unless you don't care what your loved ones think. Then go ahead and tell them any way you are comforable.
  • Sit the down quietly on the sofa and say: "I want you to know that I still love you no matter what you think, I appreciate it may take some time for you to come to terms with this, but I hope you will someday be able to understand and appreciate that this is how I need to live my life but (gulp) Mum, Dad, Bill-bob I'm straight..." Expect some shocked replies along the lines of: "But we were so looking forward to all the Gay Pride marches!" "Are you sure? Could you not just try watching "Queer as Folk" a little and see if that helps?" "Will you still wear the tight vest we bought you for Christmas?" "But how will we get enough bricks to build our outhouse if the bigots aren't throwing them through the windows?" In time they will come to accept you as you are. Unfortunately I no of no support groups for your predicament but you may want to check your local telephone book for details of your local Straight Support Network.
  • Um... wow. I've never heard of someone needing to confess their heterosexuality. It's usually homosexuals who need to "come out of the closet," so to speak. But if you are indeed living around gay parents and friends who'd be disappointed with your heterosexuality, I'd say "to hell with 'em all." I say this because there's not much homosexuals can do to "keep you gay." It's much different for newly exposed homosexuals, as for them, there ARE correctional facilities for them to get sent to on behalf of disgruntled and ashamed parents. Be who you are, and be proud.
  • I'm not sure if you mean this as a joke or if your parents would have problems with you being het. I suspect that if you are serious your parents would be queer. I know that there are militant queer people but I also know that anyone who is queer knows oppression & I think most would do nothing to oppress others. Queer people also feel the effects of prejudice. This leads to having acceptance yourself. On top of all that I'd be willing to bet that they love you & would support you as you are.
  • ha, ha, ha - they already assume you are because the vast majority of the population is hetero.

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