• I don't friggin care, I love the Applebees Appetizer Sampler and I normally eat the whole thing by myself.
  • My choices would probably not change but I know I would feel a heck of alot guiltier eating it....LOL :)
  • Nope ! I'd still eat what I like. Chances are , I have a pretty good idea what kind of calories it has, listed or not. The key is moderation !
  • I don't give a rats ass about calorie counts. I don't go to Max and Erma's because of their healthy meals. I go because I love their cheesesticks.
  • Yes, the calorie count would definitely affect my choices.
  • what a load of total bullshit this is ...if you can't tell that a piece of cake piled high with whipped cream and everything else is going to make you fat and a salad won't... then you need to not be allowed to go out by your self ...its just another law to make to law makers feel good about them selves and to keep dogooders happy...don't they know by now you can't make a law stopping stupidity!....and no it won't change they way I eat or what I eat one bit
  • Nah, my choices would stay the same. I usually make healthy choices, even when I'm eating out...and if I want to induldge...telling me something I already know wont change my mind! ...I feel conflicted on whether this is a good law or not...I think its good to know...but I also think its a personal responsibility...not the restaurants.
  • It certainly would..information being made available to us gives us an opportunity to make, some people wouldn't read the info..some would read it and get what they wanted to eat anyway..but some of us would read it, compare it with other available items, and choose something healthier! :) Happy Monday! :) ((hugs))
  • No way! I love my Cowbot Burger and boneless wings:)
  • If I am out to eat, I will eat what I want to regardless of the calorie count. I eat well the other days.
  • First they made having two drinks at a restaurant against the law. Then they outlawed smoking at restaurants. Now they're going to scare people with caloric charts? Why don't they just outlaw restaurants and shoot their owners? (If they scream ''stop resisting'' when they shoot, it's O.K. yo...)
  • NO as I rarely go out to eat and consider it a treat and I expect to have a good time. If the calories are listed, okay, fine, but if that is what I want to eat, that's what I'll choose. Now it might be different if I was going out to eat all the time and it wasn't for enjoyment but necessity. Then the chances are the meal would have to be nutritious and as wholesome as possible most of the time to be sure I was getting good food at some time.
  • It would probably change my choices insofar as I might choose to eat out less. Every time I see an article about dine-out food, it's shocking. For instance, the amount to sodium in some popular restaurant dishes: Still, I don't think there should be a law mandating the restaurant owners to display nutritional information. I think it should be available upon request and I think the word should get out there because the sodium, fat and calories are usually five-fold what you'd think for an already unhealthy dish. But it's a consumer's responsibility to know what they're eating in the end.
  • My choices would not change , and thats one of the most ridicules things I have ever heard.
  • I just read that the law is starting to be enforced. Did you see that a jelly donut from Dunkin Donuts has 270 calories? Yes, it will influence what I eat since I'm dieting.
  • Holy crap. The LAST thing I want to know when I'm eating out is that I'm getting a full day's worth of calories in my Red Lobster biscuits, before I even ORDER my entree. Can't we have SOME fun, please? I mean, I think the people that want to know SHOULD have the list available to them... but putting the numbers right on the menu is... it's guilt-tripping me into ordering salad when I want the fettuccine with extra Alfredo sauce!
  • Whether I want it to or not seeing a calorie count would affect my decisions when ordering food. I would try to eat whatever I wanted but if I started counting calories I would feel guilty and change my choices. Sad but true.
  • Not really.. I rarely eat at restaurents, and when I do, I know that the stuff I like is unhealthy. I've already made the choice of eating something that'll make me fat
  • i eat what i want because i'm only going to work it off.
  • It might. Assuming that the low cal things look just as yummy as the high cal items.
  • And did you see in Japan some companies are making its employees take a photo of every meal they eat and then get told if that is acceptable or not??? Can you believe that !!! Now that seems harsh to me...In comparison this seems relatively mild.
  • No, of course not. I am naturally skinny and can eat whatever I want without gaining a pound.
  • Not really. It is more likely to provoke me to not read the nutrition facts.
  • I don't think it would make a difference in what I ordered since we rarely eat out. I do think that it's a good idea to have that information available to the public because a lot of people have no idea how many calories they are actually eating.
  • yes, it always makes a difference if I know the numbers.

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