• Stupidity?
  • FEAR ------ False Events Appearing Real ----- Once they decide, that they can make, and they can do it, they get their power back.
  • Poor wiring. Knowing that, getting help and changing the wiring. Getting better.
  • Fear of the person, fear of the unknown, poor self esteem, habit, children, the hope they will change, the hope that you can change them, and some say just stupity.
  • Invariably fear of being alone, lack of self confidence and possibly dependency issues. It takes energy to leave a relationship, and the abuse saps it.
  • Plus you might end up loosing half of everything you own if you get a divorce.
  • the hope that things will get better, when they might not/probably will not get better.
  • Uncertainty of the future, intertwined lives, concern for abusive partner and overall idiocy. People under those conditions can't think straight.
  • My mother used to say that no man was so bad that some dog or some woman wouldn't love him. So I think its a conception of what love is - to stay with someone no matter what. Maybe it because even if it's abuse, it's better than being neglected like in the story about the alcoholic who came home drunk every evening and beat up his wife. Finally one night he came home and just sat down in the parlor without lifting a hand to her. She ran to the phone and called her mother to report that her husband didn't love her anymore.
  • for me it was because he made me weak by shatering my self esteem. so i felt like i didn't deserve any better.
  • Sometimes the pain of the known is easier than the uncertainty of the unknown.
  • With women, sometimes it's the financial dependence, but often it's the illusion that they can "change" the abuser, if they stay with him long enough, and that he's really a good guy. With men, it's sometimes the sex they desire, but often the need to have someone to show off and be their "woman".
  • Some people would rather be in an abusive relationship and have an unfaithful partner because they are afraid to being alone and having to start all over again.
  • low self esteem dependency issues fear of change fear of worse harm for leaving
  • Brainwash.
  • Fear and the fact that they have spent probably the entirety of your relationship beating you down and convincing you that you are slime and you could never do better than them...and you believe it!
  • "us" who? unfaithful and abusive are both zero-tolerance areas. Please research the definition of Zero. GTFO! NOW!

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