• I'm not sure how long after conception, I'm guessing around the 20 week mark. Thats when they do ultra sounds and such because the baby is developed enough to see if there is any problems with growth, brain development ect. But, a paternity test done before the baby is born is can be very dangerous for the baby and mother, the process is called amniocentiesis. The doctor would use ultra sound to determine the right place to push a needle through the mothers stomach and into the womb, without hurting or damaging the baby. They then can use the amniotic fluid to determine many things, from dna to downsyndrome. But because the baby's fragile little environment was punctured, this can cause miscarriage, infection in both mother and child, and even brain damage in the unborn child. If the mother in question decides to do this please make sure she has a wealth of knowledge on the process before she makes her decision. Good luck!
  • actually according to my college biology professor, amnio is the safest way to test the baby for any birth defects. the other options are extremely intrusive. the only other choice would be if the mother didn't want to be tested at all, however there are MANY genetic mutations that can occur and unless the mother is going to keep the child regardless, she may want to know before the baby grows. amnio is usually done about 10-12 weeks in.
  • You can't do a paternity test until after the kid is born. Sorry. There has to be something to test before you can test anything. Unless you want to kill both mother and baby, that's the only way.
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