• I am not privy to all the the sniper rifles the US military uses, the 50 callibre sniper rifle is standard. The standard field rifle right now is the m-16. most of the time a sniper will will have a bolt action rifle, a grunt's m-16 is semiautomatic or fires in 3 round bursts. The m-16 has an effective range of about 500 yards, while a skilled sniper can pick of a hostile over a mile away.
  • There is the Designated Marksman Rifle, which is basically an M-16 modified for accuracy. It is used by squad level marksmen, more specialist riflemen than true snipers. The M24 Sniper Weapon System, the militarized version of the Remington 700, is the primary sniper rifle. The M82 (also designated M-107, but it's the same weapon) is a .50 caliber sniper rifle used for a number of special applications.
  • The army uses a 700series .308 or the M-14 and of course they are using the Barret .50cal
  • The M24 SWS (Sniper Weapons System) is the standard issue rifle. It is a 7.62mm bolt action rifle. The M21 SWS is also used, which is a semi automatic weapon. The M82A1 semi automatic anti material rifle is also used for special purposes. Most of the weapons stated above are fitted with modifications of the Snipers choice, such as 10x scopes, recoil pads, etc.
  • Most commonly used is the M24 bolt action. That's a hell of a sniper. I have one and used it once in hunting. Nice rifle. But soon it will be replaced with M200 (in 2009).

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