• I can tell you at what age when she starts telling you......that you have Frito breath............
  • my boy is 10.5 months and he hugs and cuddles a lot and has for at least a month. my older children are 9 and 11 and I can't remember when they started but i thought this seemed a little early. maybe he's just gonna be very affectionate.
  • Around 8 months. He is a squish-bubble of joy. I love that little guy.
  • Mine children started around 6-8 months old.
  • about a year old'
  • I would say that they probably start showing emotions with hugs and such anywhere from 6-8 months. My 2 year old just started saying "I love you" it is the cutest and sweetest thing ever.
  • He's been smiling and putting his head on our shoulder in a hug since he was about 4 months old, and full fledge hugs since about six months old. He is a very happy, lovable child.
  • I think babies will do this around 9-12 months but it's not until around 15 months or so that you actually get that they mean it and aren't somewhat doing something they saw someone else do. For me, it wasn't until about 4 years old that when my son voluntarily said "I LOVE YOU" and hugged me, without me saying it first that it REALLLLLY meant something!!! Before that it was more of a "copycat" thing except that grabbing the legs "hug" that toddlers do without saying a word that is worth a MILLION bucks!
  • About 1 year
  • My little one started about 9 months and is now two and just started saying I love you which is absolutely the best feeling ever

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