• The terrorists who beheaded three Indonesian schoolgirls a few years ago in Sulawesi,as they were on their way to school. Sure, they told the girls that they were doing it because it was a Muslim holiday, and the girls (being Christians) were going to school on that day (the survivor tells the story), but I would still like to ask WHY? Why would you think this was a way to convince people your beliefs were correct? Why would you even think of taking your anger out on teenage girls? Why do you think you have done something to be proud of? I saw the autopsy photos and, subsequently was involved in support of the surviving girl. I will never forget this, and will always ask WHY?
  • God. or Tommy Chong, but more likely God.
  • I choose God.....He's got the answers.
  • My Dad- why did you commit sucide ? Why did you leave me such a big mess to deal with? Just WHY?
  • "Jay, why?"
  • None. When some thing happens, three questions arise - what, how and why. You will get an answer to the first question within a short period of time. It is physical in nature. You have to spend more time to answer the second question. It is mental in nature. Different persons may give different answers for the third question. But you will never get a true answer for it - it is philosophical in nature.
  • well... you or mr.perfect... the only 2 ppl i really trust to be honest and understand me the most.
  • My ex husband. Why in the hell haven't you at least made some contact with your son in the past 7 years? But then again I guess I know the answer.
  • to my brother, why did you take your own life? you died way too early
  • The one word wouldn't cut covers everything in the have to be specific. I would ask my mom "why couldn't you appreciate daddy more and appreciate the beauty of your life more?" :(

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