• WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I forgot that place reopened. Well, here is a link to what the place looks like. Maybe you should wear a suit with a jacket, not too dressy but definitely not casual.
  • I've never been there. I have no idea. But your question is SO cool, MG. I mean, this is classic. The stuff legends are made of - Carnegie Hall? My gosh - that is freaking AWESOME!! Who will you see? I'm so excited for you!! I know I didn't answer your question and I usually don't do this kind of thing, but sometimes you gotta go with your feelings, not your brain. "High fives for MG and Gtravels"
  • I don't have the info you need, just wanted to say have a great time and tell us how everything went. It would be nice if you could get the waiter/waitress to take your picture and let us see you guys .....I hear you both clean up pretty good:).
  • Maybe you shouldn't dress like this couple:
  • More than likely, there is concierge service of some sort that you can call to find out exactly what is appropriate attire. If the Tea Room, itself, doesn't have one then the high end hotels will. Call one of them to find out exactly what's considered appropriate. And have a wonderful time.
  • Business casual, according to their Front Desk:)
  • The Russian Tea Room is very elegant but not the hot spot it was 20 years ago. I believe you'd be comfortable in business casual, because they certainly don't dress to go to the theater in New York the way they used to. Unsure about Carnegie Hall as I haven't been there, but the one's on Broadway . . . few dress up anymore. Kinda sad, I think.
  • BTW I just met them outside and they looked LOVELY. Part of the time a dude dressed like Elmo was asking us for money... It was nuts!
  • yes, its a chic Bohemian crowd. Order the borscht.

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