• My daughter. I'd kill or die for her.
  • I agree, my daughter as well
  • My kids
  • My wife or kids.
  • My kids and Joe Elliott!!!!
  • I never know until it happens. I did leap in front of a moving car once when my Dad (80 years old) fell onto the road and the driver hadn't seen him. Driver managed to stop about 6 inches from my legs. I guess that means I'd risk my life for my dad...
  • my whole family escecally my children
  • any member of my family and any of my closest friends. I would do my best to save a stranger from certain death, even if it means risking my life or health.
  • My children, grandchildren, family, and friends.
  • im pretty selfish, i dont think i would be able to risk my life, since im afraid of pain.. :/ but, deffinatly for the guy i love, and probably parents.. (and kids if i ever have any)
  • Probably anyone who if I didn't help would lose theirs.
  • My Boyfriend. I never want to have to see him die. And Family.
  • To save someone from dying, hopefully I would try to do it regardless, but I have not been in the situation much. I am pretty gutsy, but I don't know about pulling someone from something about to explode.
  • Most people will say spouse and children, but I think many people would be surprised at their response in such a situation. In the videos of the kid in the car fire in Milwaukee the other day everybody is running around trying to figure out what to do. In the end, the off-duty firefighters got him out, because they knew what to do. But everybody there was risking their life because what do cars do when they catch fire? Everyone knows there is a high probability the gas tank will explode, but no one was thinking about that. Everyone was thinking how do we get him out and trying not to get burned in the process. I'm sure everyone thought, "This thing could blow up any second," but such a thought isn't helpful so it's put away.
  • Anyone. I'm old and ready to die. I don't think I'm physically capable of anything extraordinary anymore, but I'd trade my life for theirs.

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