• Found out myself eventually: The new (and free, and better than ever) Winamp version supports iPods! What I've done is installed Winamp on my actual iPod, so if I'm using a different computer I can get hold of my music without iTunes by loading up my standalone copy of Winamp. It doesn't have some of the useful features it should, that YamiPod had: Finding duplicate songs, finding lost music... but loads up heaps faster and gives you all the benefits of Winamp visualisations and sound effects (and more if you get the plugins). Not trying to advertise Winamp, but it took me way to long to discover the possibility of using an iPod with Winamp, and how simple it is. Also allows very easily the copying of music from an iPod to a computer by the way.
  • You can download CopyTrans Manager from here: It's a free and powerful iPod Manager. I'm sure you will love it!

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