• i would have to say the sperm whale or the blue whale
  • Land predator? The polar bear!
  • I think the Polar Bear. In history, I think 'Giganotosaurus'.
  • The blue whale is the largest animal to ever live and they eat zooplankton which contains tiny animals, making them the largest predator. :)
  • Michael Jackson
  • The good 'ole USA, of course!
  • I think the human race
  • Polar bear on land, blue whale in water
  • Galeanda, car audio crazy, and idne could be right that the blue whale is the world's largest predator. I thought it was the sperm whale and according to , I might be right. Perhaps we can agree that the world's largest predator is at least as large as a sperm whale. ;) I believe from my initial confusion about this I've learned that perhaps predator doesn't necessarily mean carnivore.
  • sm00zosaurus. He ate up more fluff points on AB than Wimpy ate hamburgers in Popeye episodes.
  • My mother-in-law at the buffet table!!
  • Me. Okay, seriously, the Sperm Whale
  • Women.
  • I say humans, maybe not in size but surely in number of kills. Humans kill more than any other creature on earth.
  • Actually, the largest Kodiak bear evar recorded outweight the largest Polar Bear by about 300 pounds (although on average, Polar Bears are larger). And the giant short-faced bear (extinct) may have been even larger. And the dog-shaped Andrewsarchus (extinct) was larger than any bear, measuring about 16 feet long. And the Spinosaurus (extinct), at possibly 59 feet long, was larger than any mammalian land predator. For sea-faring predators, the sperm whale is the largest living predator that we know of...but there may have been (and still may be) even larger animals from the depths that we know nothing about.
  • Wall Mart.
  • If your going by chance predation and exceptional specimens, one particular lion's mane jellyfish could be considered the "longest" carnivore at least. The biggest one ever recorded had tentacles that measured over 120ft in length. In comparison, the biggest blue whales get only about 110ft in length. But due to the blue whale's ability to actualy move towards prey, it is indeed more of a predator. Link to the lion's mane jellyfish: But that was only one specimen and it probably was exceptional, the largest get lengths of only about 100ft. But it still is interesting to think about.
  • blue whale, or maybe an unknown species of squid
  • I thought it was the sperm whale until i watched natures great events tother night where the mighty atteborough explained, it is infact..... the Humpback Whale. Argue with that!!
  • In numbers and in appetite: definitely PacMan
  • You guys are all fools. First of all, blue whales aren't predators, come on, now. Secondly,do you really think the amount of "kills" determines the size of a predator? humans aren't even close to the size of a polar bear, which can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh 2000 lbs. Lastly,the saltwater crocodile has been found at lengths of 23-27 feet long, weighing anywhere from 1800 to 2200 lbs, making it larger than the great white in length, not to mention its drastically more powerful bite force. Hope this opens your eyes.

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