• I don't believe the world is going to hell.
  • With all the bad stuff you always see and hear about, When you finally here a good story it blows away all the bad ones;) No, the worlds not going to hell,I think we need to start concentrating on the good things in are lifes in if you are in a bad, stop right now(PRAY) It makes me feel good;)
  • yes it is funny.
  • Without getting into a theological argument, I'd just observe that the trashers don't actually believe in either one. As for "going to hell," it's just a worn metaphor for "getting worse," and it implies no belief system.
  • The world is getting better for humanity. It's not going to hell. The reason it's getting better is because we abandoned the Dark Age notions of finding all answers to life's questions in the Book and began looking to the scientific method. The scientific method, not your God allowed us to cure the Plagues of the Dark Ages, and plant enough food to feed 6 billion people.
  • it is funny
  • half problems in the are caused by people obsesed with god and who want to force there religion on others,where are all responsible for our own actions and beliveing in some all powerfull being when we have no proof of he/she/it's existance is not going to help.
  • is trash like bash? do you have a particular God in mind? is that going to hell in a hand basket?
  • What, so you think God threw a hissy fit because some people didn't think he existed? Get your fucking head out of the sand, it's the year 2008.

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