• Not in the slightest.
  • Only if I was in love with one of the people who was going to marry someone else. Otherwise, why should I care? People who love each should be together..very simple..doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure that out, for heaven's sake! :(
  • nope. Why should someone else's preferred lifestyle affect me? as long as someones preference isn't murdering innocent people, i'm good.
  • No. I'm not gay.
  • Nope it does not affect me. People should be able to marry whomever they choose. I don't care in the least.
  • I am not gay either. But I am proud of such quick, thoughtful and sincere answers. Thanks guys. This is the first question I posed myself the first time I watched a TV debate on the issue. I am sorry if you don't have a life of your own, but let others live theirs.
  • Yes, same-sex marriage would affect me: 1) It would remove the need for my employer to waste time figuring out alternative benefits for same-sex partners since they would be covered by the same benefits as other married couples. 2) It would make it easier for my gay friends and acquaintances to communicate their relationship status to me. They could tell me they are dating, engaged, married, etc. Right now they either have to go into detail or leave me wondering. 3) It would stop my tax dollars from being wasted on court cases resulting from same-sex partnerships trying to protect their rights. Their rights would be defined the same way as other married couples. I could go on, but in summary: same-sex marriage would save me money. Oh yea, it would also provide a little more justice for gays. If only it wouldn't result in the destruction of all life....drat.
  • Yes, it should affect every US citizen who stands for equal rights. Discriminating against LGBT people, and not allowing them the same marriage rights, goes completely against why the Constitution is in place. "Separate but equal" is always separate and never equal.
  • As long as they don't bother me, it won't affect me at all.
  • Not in the slightest. A person could marry their house plant for all I care. Wouldn't bother me at all.
  • Because they changing the intent and definition of the word marriage. d:/
  • Not at all. Personally, I don't think it's any of my business if people want to marry their pet rocks! :D
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction, in the short it seems like “why not?”, no real harm can come of it. It will save money bla bla bla. The long term impact which escapes most in there reactionary leap to tout rights past standards and tradition is that once you open that gate EVERYONE ELSE has the right to come through too and it is a free for all. Traditionally plural or polygamous marriages are more traditional and legal through out the world, has been for centuries. So you have to let them marry. And if you think that woman with the octuplets will cost the government and tax payers in the long run. Plural marriages have the ability to produce mega children. Hope you are not in a crowded school district. Should plural marriages become standard many employers might ax or cut their health coverage, they will get rid of it all together or limit it to just the employee. The won't be able to afford the employee, 3 wives and 9 to 15 children. How can you tell them they can't get married when they have a more worldly and older marriage arrangement than same-sex. And once that happens, since same-sex is suppose to be about rights not religion those who are related but in love, be it by marriage or blood will see no reason why they can't marry because their marriage do not fit the standard mold. THAT is how everyone will be effected once the same-sex genie is let from the bottle. Those who say “if they love each other let them get married, what do I care? Won't effect me” are just woefully in the dark.
  • No one has yet been able to make me see how that could be. I know a lot of gay couples, both sexes, have loving relationships while a lot of hetero-women are beaten, raped, sodomized against their will, and so on. If one is so bad, what's so great about the other. Or vice versa, if you want.
  • No, how on earth would it.
  • Not directly but it affects me in the way that it makes me feel good about our country and society. That we can be that open, that accepting and progressive as far as civil rights. Any sort of progress if definitely a good thing.
  • I think that any time a group is singled out and discriminated against it affects everyone. It never just ends with that one group, because at some point, an issue will be raised that affects me, if you give religions an inch, they will always take a mile, I'm not anti religious, but I am weary of any single religious ideology trying to dictate what is right or wrong. There are many religions, not all of them are against same sex mingling.
  • Yes. Because I like women. :)(:
  • it doesnt effect me personally, but i understand why it effects some people, marriage is meant to be a sacred bond between a man and a woman
  • The only reason why I'd say yes, is because I'm totally for it, and all these weird government people are totally against it. If they just let it be, it wouldn't affect me at all.
  • Only if I married some guy.
  • It does not affect me and I'm all for it. Our government needs to get over this anti-gay feeling and step up. It 2009 for God's sake.
  • Please stay with me on this....Yes, it affects me...since I've been in a same-sex "marriage" for 36 years. Those quotes mean not in the traditional sense...not blessed by the government, per se...but we've had one great marriage, for sure. It's true that we haven't been able to enjoy all the economic benefits that traditional hetero couples have incentives/breaks...benefit coverages...things like that. But we've lived with that just fine. Absent children, our financial circumstances are far less demanding, as well. My parnter and I are not "activists", and neither are our many friends, who are gay and have been living "married" lives over a long period of time. "Activists" really don't speak for us...and you'd be surprised how that's the case for so many of us. They speak for a certain group of people...and they definitely are the darlings of the media. Some of our proclivity complain about being denied access rights by things like hospital/medical entitlements insofar as our partners. I tell you here and now, I have never been so denied...never! Treat that profession with respect...without the obnoxious characteristics of being "entitled"...and you will be afforded equal respect. As for the legal marriage thing, I may be wrong, but I'm not all that ready to completely overturn long-term tradition in our society for the pennies we might enjoy or to serve the needs of hypocritical politians and activists. Neither I, nor my partner, nor any of our friends that I know have ever been discriminated again for being gay. True, we never walked into the office with an "I am gay" sign...but I don't recall any hetero doing so, either. I know many gays will disagree with be it! Nonetheless, this "other side" needs to be said. Those of us who happen to be gay are in the minority...and, for the sake of a continuing society, thank goodness for that.
  • no I am all for whatever makes people happy

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