• There's actually a lot of debate about which game is called "beer pong". The first game is actually ping pong played with beer on the table. Hitting the cup makes you drink. I've only played once, about 4 years ago. The second game is played with a triangle of 10 cups (or 2 triangles of 6, depending on your preference), and the two teams take turns throwing ping pong balls back and forth at each others cups. When the opposing team sinks your cup, you drink the beer. You win when all the opponents cups are gone. This game also is known as beirut.
  • Here is a mini-video video clip thingy And here is a link for the rules of the different variations of beer pong and the names of the games **I recommend to read the rules before you watch the video, it can get quite confusing.
  • Badass... That is what beer pong is...

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