• So tight I can't even fart!
  • I do, but as a manager for three years,I'm definately the most preferred to work under, this is contrary to what my friends and family think. What can I say, I hold people to the same standards I hold myself to.
  • No, I am constantly trying to repair a sinking boat.... bailing out water while more holes appear.
  • Yes, indeed, I do!
  • No but I sail one!
  • I try but things don't always work in my favor
  • No. I don't like to feel restricted or to make others feel restricted, so my ship's just a happy organized mess floating around the ocean wherever the wind takes it :)
  • Get tough and crack the whip. Beat up any little bugger who tries to get in my way. That's how. Heh,heh.
  • If I ran a ship at all, it would probably crash, burn, and sink.
  • Yar! And if ye don't believe me, ask the many mates that've been keelhauled underneath my ship, The Ennui! It was Friday morn when we set sail, And we were not far from the land, When our Captain, he spied a mermaid so fair, With a comb and a glass in her hand. O, the ocean waves did roll, And the stormy winds did blow. And we poor sailors were skipping at the top, While the landlubbers lie down below, below, below, And the landlubbers lie down below. ~Unlisted Track on New Model Army record That's CAP'N Tallyman to ye, seadog!
  • Nah, it's more like a party sailboat, going where our mood takes us. :D
  • Jim and I try to..we live by lists and calendars so things don't fall through the cracks..we go over things constantly to make sure we're paying our bills on time, keeping appointments..we can never just "relax" and go with the flow in terms of things that involve others! So yes, glad to say we do "run a tight ship"..but we do it as a team..we've got each other's back..we're constantly reminding each other of things we've committed to do! :)
  • Actually, yes. When I was conducting my Eagle Project, I always knew what I was going to a few days before I did it. :)

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