• Great food and great service.
  • An attentive waiter/ress, & having the server resolve any problems quickly & professionally.
  • I almost always leave a 20% tip, bigger, if the service is great, less, if it isnt. If the server, is rude, or makes me feel like I am bothering them, a penny.
  • Unless the service was really bad I always do right around 20%. If they remember to bring my mayonnaise I tip extra. I LOVE mayonnaise and usually need an extra side, so I'll order it at the same time as everything else. Most servers forget it and I have to ask twice, so if they remember it I get really generous.
  • 1) Being a polite member of society, and knowing what decent people do. 2) Good service.
  • Good service
  • Whenever the waitress returns at least twice for refills for one. When the waitress or waiter doesn't rush us or bring the wrong food.
  • Great service with a smile! When the waitress/waiter checks up on you often but not so often that its annoying. When he/she refills your drink without having to ask and when the food is brought out in a timely manner.
  • Being a waitress I know what it's like to get a shitty tip, so I do my best to help.
  • When I receive nice smiles from the staff, and they make me feel like I'm being looked after.
  • Friendly professional service,anticipating my needs and coming back to the table at least a couple of times to make sure all is fine.When delivering my check I expect them to be just as nice as they were when I first sat down.
  • If you've ever seen Resevoire Dogs, you know how I feel about tipping. I think tipping is stupid. That said, I DO tip, because the wages waitresses (and waiters) make and the crap they have to deal with is worth more than what they're paid (especially in Wisconsin where the minimum wage for waiting is LOWER than everything else to compensate for tips). I would rather pay more for food and have them paid a consistent and liveable wage then have to tip, but I deal with it. I tip 20% or more if the service is good and if it's bad I'll just pay 15%. If it's HORRIBLE, no tip at all.
  • i tip pretty well actually, because i can only imagine the bs that waiters/waitresses have to deal i tip generally 20-25%, sometimes 30, but if it's bad 15%...i still tip either way, because i know everyone has bad days...
  • Friendly & prompt service is a must!
  • I am in the service industry, so I always leave 20%, minimum. I know what good service should look like so I have no problem leaving more. I know what the server is doing and what needs to be done in order to make it look easy to wait on 10-50 people (depending on the size of their section)
  • ok reading the answers here let me tell you its totally different in the UK Servers here are on an ok wage (yes not great but enough) and on average you only leave 10% tip not 20% i personally do not like tipping if its just service IF i get all that i ordered including sides and sauces and she/he is nice smiley polite, calm and has a 'no problem' attitude then i will tip 10% if i dont have to ASK to have a drink and if the server wss there in an instant then i will tip about 15-20% i went to this resturant like 5 times and not once tipped then we had a different waitress and she was great!! so i tipped her 20% and told her we come here a lot and shes the 1st 1 to receive a tip, i think tips should be when youve done really well not just standered. thats what they get paid for, do more then i expect i shall give more
  • good service
  • Cute flirty waitress
  • Promptness and courteousness.
  • good service
  • keep the glasses full is really what it takes.....for some reason the drinks fly when I'm dining out. oh yeah, sitting down in our booth with us more than 3 times can be a bit too much.
  • tremendous service
  • good service some one with a smile and when they make a mistake they say its ok its on the house big tip for people who give me free stuff
  • if the food taste good and there polite its 5 dollars. if the food sucks and there polite its 3 dollars,if every thing sucks its 0.00. if the its a hot guy it 10 dollars.

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