• Paint is comprised of three seperate things working together. A pigment is used for the color. A binder is used to hold the pigment to the wall. And lastly, a carrier is used to apply the pigment and binder to whatever. There are many types of paint but they all have these components. For white latex paint, the carrier is deionized water, the pigment is very finely ground Titanium dioxide, and the binder is a synthetic polymer that resembles liquid rubber. The pigment and binder are put together with force (grinding) and then the two are slowly dispersed into the water. After that, you add a preservative to keep the pH above 7 and filter it into drums, pails or gallon cans.
  • Paint is not made, it is mined, like oil and diamonds. White comes from America, the rest of the colors were imported, much like the process of immigration.

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