• I've heard of colloidal silver and colloidal gold, and this is what I know... First, I'm not sure what gold does, but silver is a blood purifyer. Colloidal silver is a suspension of small particles of silver in fluid. During the bubonic plague, massive amounts of people died, but the 'blue bloods', the royals did not. Why? They ate off of silver plates and drank out of silver goblets, and the silver entered their system. The silver protected them. It was the silver in their systems that actually gave their skin a bluish hue hence the expression 'blue blood'. In days before electric refrigerators, people used to drop silver coins in milk to prevent it from spoiling quickly. So silver is a good natural antibiotic. I'd use colloidal silver before prescription antibiotics.
  • Bowlinggreen and Bob Blaylock both make good arguments for and against colloidal silver. I agree with Bob in that I, personally, wouldn't try an unproven chemical that has the potential to be poisonous. On the other hand, I don't have much faith in the government either in simply banning a potentially beneficial drug. People should be free to make their own informed choices and let evidence of the compound's effects be disseminated. The anecdotal evidence that medieval "blue bloods" gained protection from the plague by getting traces of silver into ther blood (giving their skin a bluish tint) from eating utensils is compelling, given the skin discoloration effect has been observed in people taking colloidal silver. But without valid scientific research repeated and confirmed independently, the evidence will remail anecdotal and unreliable. It might prove to be a fraud, or it might be a useful treatment. But thanks to "big brother" government, we'll never know.
  • Not if that metal is mercury that stuff is highly toxic! And colloidal silver has health risks associated with using it. The best way to remove toxins is by drinking plenty of water. And there are better antibiotics as well. Coconut oil garlic onion cabbage honey apple cider vinegar are all antibiotic and do not promote the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria .

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