• I'm not sure about prices, but I live in Charlotte NC too. I'd love to be able to support you somehow during this difficult time. If you want to talk more privatly, you can email me at I actually live in Huntersville (near Birkdale Village, exit 25 off of 77) Maybe we can get together at starbucks, and I can help you figure things out. I had a teenage pregnancy. I know how paniked you feel. Hopefully we'll talk soon!
  • For goodness sakes! Encouraging somebody to have an abortion is really terrible! I know you want to help but this is just too much!
  • Your soul.
  • I apologise - I didn't realise you wanted to support this lady in the way you just said. Sorry.
  • I had one 6 years ago in Charlotte. Then it was $350 or so...they were very nice there
  • The price to pay for one is nothing compared to what it can do to ones mental health in the future. Consider adoption. I do however know that there are some circumstances where it is necessary. Good Luck to you.

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