• What i did is i just ran a recovery disk onto my computer because somewhere along the lines a usb connection has been lost so i would just do that so when you get itunes back on and everything it SHOULD work..if not my apologies!
  • Did you eject the ipod last time you removed it or did you just disconnect it? Restart your computer and it should reset the USB drivers so that the PC recognizes the ipod again. The reason it charges is there is always (normally) power going to the ports so the device can charge. If a simple restart doesn't solve the problem you may need to re-install iTunes. In the past when I had this problem though a simple restart fixed it. Good luck, Hope this helps
  • Can you manually open itunes? If so open it under edit click Preferences on the Syncing tab make sure the box that says "disable automatic syncing" is not checked.
  • Try resetting it. Hold menu and select for about 10 seconds, the apple logo should show up to say it has been reset. Then try connecting your iPod again. It worked for me!
  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes loaded. Also, I had the same problem because of an external hard drive on my computer. iTunes automatically detects what drive letters your main hard drive, and disk drives are. It then searches the highest letters in the alphabet to find the ipod. I had the external hard drive as the G: and the ipod would go in as the J:. After bringing it into the Apple store and it working fine on their computers I realized the problem and renamed the external drive as J:. The iPod now is plugged in as G: and works fine.

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