• I'll start counting today, get back to ya in a couple of years.
  • Well I don't know them all but some are: 01.dodo 02.rage 03.some 07.good 08.obey 09.neat 10.tidy 11.give 12.take 13.they 14.laws 15.rule 16.then 17.dont 19.swim 20.what 21.from 22.horn 23.hoof 24.jugs 25.does 26.know 27.will 28.keep 29.that 30.them 31.tell 32.pray 33.prey 34.melt 36.ages 37.dumb 38.word 39.four 40.mine 41.Jedi 43.dart 44.tart 45.fart 46.cart 47.yard 48.foot 49.feet 50.inch 51.tall 52.soap 53.dope 54.drop 55.sock 57.walk 58.mail 60.sage 61.cage 62.wade 63.made 64.calm 65.wave 66.tuck 67.luck 68.muck 69.suck 70.buck 71.moon 72.soon 73.loon 74.goon 75.male 76.pale 77.rail 78.five 79.fine 80.cant 81.wont 82.hate 83.dirt 84.hurt 85.bunt I'm 86.sure there are 87.more but I thought I had run out of four letter words. 88.okay 89.also 90.ouch and At 92.this point I 93.stop(ed) and did the 94.math: there are 456,976 four letter combinations(if you ignore capitalization). Among those are some groups of almost entirely nonsensical words; 26 are quadruple letters(aaaa or zzzz)650 single/triple(abbb, dbbb, or yzzz)650 double/double(ttrr or gghh) and another 650 triple/single(bbba, bbbd, or zzzy) thats 1976 total letter combinations which if you only worry about spelling and not meaning takes away approximately 1976 words(there may be quadruple, single/triple, double,double, or triple/single letter words I am 95.over looking but if there are a couple in these catagories than they can be made up by the enevitable nonsensicle single/single/single/single or single/single/double words) leaving 455,000. Thanks to this link posted by a helpfull fellow I have ruled out another 2744 possibilities the claim was 2746 but 96.upon 98.comb(ing) through the 99.list I found 100.Mate and 101.Mite thus lowering the list of non words to 2744 and now lowering the possibility of four letter words to 452,256. Indeed I can safely say there are no more than four hundred fifty two thousand two hundered fifty six four letter words in the english language. As a side note there are only 2 one letter words in the english language. :)
  • I did not exclude curse words because that can differ based on region, era, and cultural background. With 26 letters in the English alphabet, there are 456,976 possible 4 letter combinations (26*26*26*26). Out of these, only 2746 are not words. That means the remaining 454,230 are words. List of non-words with 4 letters can be found here:
  • 26!/22! would give you the number of possible four-letter words if each letter in the alphabet could be used just once in any of the four positions, or 358,800. Obviously, many words have two or even three of the same letter. 26*26*26*26 gives you the number of words if you could use any letter in any position, regardless of how many times the letter appears in the word, or 456,976 different "words." But, at least one of the four letters has to be a vowel, so, 26*26*26*5 equals 87,880 words. Then, you have to account for impossible or infrequent letter combinations, like "pd" or "tn" or "hs." Also, three letters in a row. How many of these are there? Without really going into that, I'm going to guess there might be about 40,000 four-letter words in the english language. Now, I am going to consult an online crossword dictionary to see how close I am. No, wait. That's too easy. I'm going to think about this a little more first. goes with almost everything. (not likely in many four-letter words) ok, b usually needs a vowel Anyway, most consonants (plosives, fricatives and nasals) are usually found next to a vowel, or doubled at the end of the word, while the semivowels (w,y,l and r) are more friendly with other consonants. So, my guess is still around 40,000. but I'm not through thinking about this yet.
  • According to, searching with no clue and ???? for four-letter words resulted in 59,635 possibilities. So I was off by 33%, but least I was close in order of magnitude (it was tens, not hundreds, of thousands!)
  • About a zillion, I'd say.
  • Can't say because all I do is curse!! Dec. 01 lol
  • Several

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