• Can you wiggle it at all? Does it give a piercing pain whenever you move your foot? If yes too both than it's broken. Either way go and see a doctor, can never be too sure.
  • I'm sorry you hurt your toe. That hurts sooo bad. I've broken my little toe twice but there's nothing a doctor can do. They will tell you to use ice and to be more careful next time.
  • they won t do anything for a broke toe so don t waste your money
  • If it's broken, it will usually develop a very deep colourd bruise. I broke my toe one time, and the doctor didn't do anything for it. They said it's not practical to put a little cast on it, so they just let it heal on it's own. It was very painful. Maybe go to the doctor and get it checked out, in case there is something they can do for it.
  • if it hurts when you move it, then it's probably broken. If it is then sometimes they strap it to the toe next to it, but most of the time they just leave it, they heal really quickly.
  • If it's bruised, swollen and you can barely move it--you probably broke it. Your little toe is so small that it wouldn't take much to break the bone and there's nothing a doctor can do for it except tape it to your other toe for support. Hope it feels better soon!
  • i did the very same thing on the day when i was having my birthday bbq - ouch, yeah it sounds like its broken - even my bedding was too heavy and hurt, i had to sleep with my foot out of the bed - doctors cant do anything
  • If it's black/purple, swollen and you can't wiggle it or can't move it without a lot of pain, it's probably broken. The only thing that can really be done is to tape it to the toe/toes next to it. I've broken toes 3 times. And, the last 2 times, it was the same toe (pinky toe) twice in 4 months. Considering what a klutz I am, I'm really surprised I haven't broken any other bones (*knocks wood*)
  • If it is broke you will not be able to move it at all, and they will not do anything for it as said before it will be a waste of funds, I broke one of mine a few years ago and the Doc trip was a waste. It does hurt tho .. sorry bout' that =[
  • If it is broke, you won't be able to move it downward. The doctor will immobilize it; when I broke my pinky toe he also gauzed it to the adjoining toe and gave me crutches.
  • Get some adhesive tape and bind it to the next will take about 6 weeks for the bones to knit..I've broken my toe(s) more than once..last year I broke the little toe and the one next to it..I wrapped adhesive tape around the two broken ones and hooked it to the middle toe..the first couple of days are the need to bind it so the bones will heal properly! :)
  • I am literally cringing for you. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot you can do. Wrap it up, put ice on it, and put your foot up. I hope you feel better soon. [[[hugs]]]
  • If it's broken a doctor really won't be able to do anything for it. He might give you something for the pain...but you never know.
  • Swelling maybe and that bone that's sticking out.
  • I once broke both pinky toes at once on a springboard in gymnastics. They were blue ad purple and I could not move them. The doctor just taped them to the next toes and recommended OTC pain relievers. He said there isn't much to be done for toes.
  • I bashed/crunched my toe into the ground also. It doesn't hurt when I move it but I can't really bend it. My toe turned red and I bashed it near the joint. I have never broke anything before but If You can't bend it or move it,It probably is broken. My toe I cannot fully bend it and I will go to the doctor. The doctor won't do anything but give you an x-ray and if it's broken they tape your pinky toe to the one next to it. It never hurts to go to the doctor. Feel Better.
  • I would say try to bend it, but not many ppl can bend their pinky toe. If its broken you will lose your balance a little when you walk, not much though. It will def hurt to walk. It should heal in no time. Doctors, well GOOD doctors, wont give you pain pills, just tell you to take anti inflammatory meds like tylenol or ibeuprofen, to ease the pain and take the swelling down. Try a cold compress. And dont try to tuck it in a sneaker until the swelling is gone.
  • go to the doctor lol
  • probably by seeing a doctor and getting it checked out

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