• Hes your boss, he does not own you, tell him to mind his own business, and look for a new job :-)
  • Find someplace else to work. This guy sounds like he's about two sandwitches shy of a picnic. What you do on your own time is your business unless it's something illegal.
  • I have never heard of an employer regulating things you do when you are not at work except for drug useage.
  • what a crappy job. i would say, "I dont think this job is right for me"
  • how about "I quit" or date people online and tell him and if he fires you for it sue him
  • Gurl.... You need to forget about that job and forget about your boss too...cause the only thing that he wants to know is if he can hit dat... ok???
  • How can an employer forbid internet dating? Something not quite right about that.....
  • Stand up, turn around, bend over, bare your butt, and tell him to KISS YOUR ASS. Talk about invasion of privacy! Guess you could ask HIM/HER how many employees they've has sex with... harrassed... felt up "accidentally"... etc. When they say "That's none of your business", answer, "You're right... And who, when and where I date is none of YOUR business."
  • hope you're well-paid. He cannot legally ask you that.
  • This employer is far too controlling. An employer who wants to know about your dating is entering a field of privacy that is toally off limits. Walk out. And Read your Bible!
  • No boss can tell you what to do outside your working hours. He can only regulate your actions on the job and only pertaining to the job and use of work equipment. You do not have to tell him anything about your private life. In fact I am pretty sure that you don't have to tell him your marital status, religon, sexual preferences or health issues except as it directly relates to the job. And probably not even then. Walk away.
  • I would say that it's none of their business. What you do outside of work is totally up to you.
  • Find someone else to show trust to you, I quit.
  • The ONLY way an employer could have any say over what you do outside of work with your computer is if you do work on that computer, and you work for someone under a secrecy agreement, such as some government contractors, defense department, state department, etc have. That is because of national security though. Other than that, you can do what you want, as long as you don't hold a position that exposes you to classified data. Then your employer or the government has a little more leeway in limiting your behavior.
  • He's trying to bed you. He is titillating himself. If you give him details watch the bulge in his pants.
  • Wow. Maybe tell the employer that you are not interested in discussing your private life. You are not required to tell your employer anything about your life, and it is ridiculous that any kind of activity would be forbidden off the job. Maybe you should consider finding a new job. Sounds like your employer wants to sleep with you. Creepy.
  • tell him to kiss my arse!!! and tell him unless he wants to find himself in court so fast his pig head would spin he had better drop the no Internet dating outside of work crap because its private and once I have knocked of work for the day and if I don't use the companies computers there is jack shit he can do about it ...legally
  • I would say "do you realize that what you are asking is illegal and an invasion of my privacy?" Then I would say, I quit! :)
  • Start a sex harassment suit and cash in
  • He's creepy.I would probably start looking for another job.Does he say these things to other employees?
  • I would tell him to triple my pay and stop asking about it, or to prepare for a lawsuit. That is VERY illegal! I would also start looking for other employment!
  • I'd like to introduce you to Mr./Ms _______, my lawyer.

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