• Regulations, fines for abuse, and taxes.
  • They should always be shut down as soon as they are found. Here in our area, the same family just moved from place to place for two years before they were finally put in jail on their fourth offense. The jail sentence was for not paying their taxes. There was no law strong enough to put them away for animal cruelty.
  • Personally, I think dog breeders should have to adhere to certain standards and face regular inspections. In reality, though, who is going to make them? Where will the funding come from? It makes me sick what people do to animals for money and how cruelly and inhumanely so many animals are treated. Until such time when animal rights become a priority, though, this cycle will continue.
  • Shut em down and if real abuse is going on lock em up!!
  • I think that the owners should be put in jail for a minimum of ten years. Those animals don't stand a chance. There are dead animals, feces, sick animals, the females are often lame from having never been out of a cage and being used only for breeding. These people should have the same treatment, and they will get it in jail.
  • Whats a puppy mill?
  • They should be closed down, the owners jailed, and whatever puppies are salvageable be taken to vets for care until they are back to normal and healthy..some of them will never make it. :(
  • It's a free country, but it works both ways. If people don't patronize them they will dissappear on their own.
  • Many states have penalties for cruelty to animals, in extreme cases prison sentences. I think "Puppy Mills" like the ones that make the news all the time should be prosecuted. If they have 100 dogs living in horrid conditions then they should receive 100 counts of cruelty to animals and receive what ever punishment comes with that.
  • Send them back home to Heather,she can afford to feed them now,whereas before she did not have a leg to stand on.
  • I rescued a dog from a puppy mill once. She is dead now and the dog I currently own is one of her daughters. She died most likely from complications of the abuse. When I got her she was so thin and her skin was all dry and flaky. Fur wasn't even growing in places. After a month or two with me she looked sooooooooooo much better. The local nickname for the place is "Chimera Kennels" cos she heavily inbreeds on top of it.
  • what should be done thay should be shut down .thay make us look bad i breed shih tzu i would not ever think of treating my dogs the way these puppy mills do my dogs are not in cages thay have a big lot thay can run and play i feed and water them every day and i love my dogs thay are like my kids.
  • Shoot the people that buy there....
  • I think they should have a law that limits how many dogs a breeder can have for breeding and provide fines or charges if a breeder has more. Cause honestly - how many dogs can a breeder look after and give enough time and attention and proper care to? I highly doubt they can for 100's like you see in puppy mills.
  • They should all be shut down unless they are doing it for the benefit of the breed. How to tell? They need to show extensively and get special permits and not be allowed to breed unless they have all vet clearances on their dogs. Then they can apply for a breeding license after showing they know all about dog care and management.
  • The do not love the dogs, appealing to their morality, humanity, or conscience is a waste of time, they only care about the money and the smallest toy dogs possible by in-breeding. Movies like "Deliverence" made sense to these people. STOP THE AKC FROM REGISTERING THEIR DOGS !!!! ***Most people don't know the AKC registers known puppy mill's dogs. They feed off each other if you think about it. They help each other, have no vested interest in eliminating their largest group of customers. I wish all dog breeding could be suspended until some sort of oversight could be in place, or until the huge dog population could be brought under control.
  • your not talking about breeders, you are saying puppymills, horrible, cruel places, I have a 4 year old minpin that was rescued from a puppymill, that was busted, she spent her whole life in a crate in a garage, there were 90 dogs, some big dogs that they at first , thought they were puppies, instead of grown dogs, All puppy mills should be closed down, if you suspect any report them and you might save dogs
  • As a reputable breeder myself Puppy Mill Breeders make me sick and it is my life's goal to end every last one of them. I believe we need to have some laws passed to protect these poor dogs and our government needs to be enforcing them. Also we need to start educating people on how to distinguish a reputable breeder from a backyard or puppy mill breeder. NEVER BUY FROM PET STORES!!!! 90% of those puppies are from puppy mills, most Amish puppy mills. We need tougher fines, such as jail time, for running a puppy mill or harming/neglecting an animal. If you've ever met a dog or puppy rescued from a puppy mill it's heartbreaking. The emotional toll it takes on them is much worse than the physical problems. On top of that all breeders should have to be licensed and be inspected by the state. Any reputable breeder who is breeding for the love of their breed and to make the future of their breed better will happily allow their home or kennel to be inspected. I also wish the government could fine people for breeding dogs without having proper health clearances first. That would be nice! Here is one story that really has sickened dog lovers: In late July Amish dog breeders Elmer and Ammon Zimmerman of Kutztown, Pa., shot their 80 dogs after a kennel inspector told them they had 72 hours to take them to a veterinarian for treatment for flea and fly bites or face fines of up to $300 per dog. The slaughter, while legal—kennel owners are allowed to put down their dogs with firearms—"disgusted and shocked" animal lovers across the state, says Gov. Edward Rendell, who is pressing for legislation that would allow only veterinarians to euthanize dogs from larger puppy mills. Elmer Zimmerman, who owned 70 of the dogs, claims he mistakenly thought he needed to act immediately, so he talked to his vet, who he says told him killing the dogs would end his legal jeopardy. "That night I had 50 cows to milk. I was beside myself. I'm sorry, and I'd like to know what to do to have peace." (From "The Puppy Saver" - People Magazine) It's the Amish puppy mills that are the worst right now and are huge in the south. We need to keep on them and get this problem under control. These are the people who cause shelters to be overpopulated!! Reputable breeders take responsibility for every puppy they breed and if the new owners cannot keep the puppy or dog the breeder will take the dog back or assist the people with finding the dog a new home. They also do all appropriate health clearances for their specific breed, are completely honest with and heavily screen prospective puppy buyers, never breed more puppies than they can place, and don't breed for money. Most of these breeders also rescue within their breed or all breeds. I personally will rescue any breed if they are in need no matter what the costs are to me. I hope anyone who breeds dogs for money, is an irresponsible breeder, sells to pets stores, or hurts or neglects a dog rots in....well you know where! :0) I have attached two pictures of one of my rescue dogs, Jovi. One is the from the first week we had her and the second is when she was 9 months old. She still suffers emotionally from the abuse and neglect but she is getting better day by day. You can read her story on our webpage at and go to Jovi's page.
  • Here in the U.K. there appears to be an increasing problem with " Puppy Farms ". The Local Councils are the ones who Licence these farms and it is obvious that they are NOT routinely inspecting them. Disreputable Breeders should have their Licences taken away and never be allowed to Breed again.

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