• Frederick Loeser, whose name is recorded with several spellings, such as Liesser, Leiser, Leaser and other variants. The Bell's hiding place until 1778 was in the basement of the Zion High German Reformed Church of Allentown, where it arrived early on the morning of September 25.
  • There are two stories recorded about whose wagon was used to haul the Liberty Bell out of Philadelphia. One states that the man chosen was one John Jacob Mickley. Hidden in the wagon of a farmer returning from Philadelphia the Liberty Bell was brought to Zion's Church by John Jacob Mickley and Frederick Leaser. Once all of the bells arrived they were hidden by the pastor, Reverend Abraham Blumer beneth the floor boards of the church. There they stayed until the the British left Philadelphia in the later part of 1778, when they were returned to their rightful places. For additional information see this link:
  • The bell, taken down and put in Jacob Mickley's wagon, was later transfered to Northampton County PA Militiaman and farmer, Frederick Leisers' wagon, after Mickleys wagon broke down. Leiser and Mickley were in the 3rd Battalion, 8th company along with my ancestor Philip Fusselman, their Captain was Mathias Probst

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