• Goodbye snow!
  • The surfing is going to kick ass in Arizona!
  • My home will gain an ocean view.
  • Higher CO2 levels and warmer temperatures mean longer growing seasons and agriculture will be productive at even higher latitudes. So, global warming would mean an increase in world food production. Despite what the alarmists have predicted, warmer temperatures could also set up wind patterns that will suppress hurricane formation. So, Global warming could also mean more moderated weather. More people die each year from hypothermia than they do from hyperthermia. We can take the heat better than we can take the cold. So, here are some positive potential consequences of global warming.
  • People are becoming informed and starting to change the way they live!
  • Big corporates are making big bucks off it.
  • Sure,it's a bunch of b.s.!
  • Global warming is the planets way of saying... "I was here before you and I will be here after you"
  • Lots of new jobs in cartography.
  • Within twenty years we'll have an alternative for burning 80,000,000 barrels of oil per day
  • Yes. It will kill not just us, but also all the evil republican POS's who tried to get stupid people to parrot about "global COOLING".
  • The glaciers are melting...and all the water MUST raise the sea level... So coastal settlement are in danger... There is flooding in Bangladesh... And some pacific islands... And the Abrolhos Islands off Western Australia are no more than a couple of metres above sea level...
  • It will get warmer in the winter, and the sea level will rise 4 feet by 2050.
  • If it were true I would go buy land in Alaska because it's really cheap there and eventually it's going to be warm. I would also build anchored platform systems that could float on the water but not move. And I'd invest in the air conditioning industry. But really the warming is not the issue what would be the issue is the following Ice Age because the Ice Age always follows the warming cycle
  • There's lots of cool stuff popping up as the ice is melting. They found a baby mammoth a few weeks ago. Also some caveman arrow relics that indicate migration started earlier than previously thought. I'm waiting for a UFO to pop out of the ice!
  • Yes the earth has been this warm previously. that is why they are finding frozen bodies and other artifacts under all that melted snow.
  • 5-14-2017 The USA has a flood of cheap food because the weather has been remarkably warm for the last 80 or so years.
  • Yeah. I no longer have to worry about polar bears taking over the world.

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